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2009-11-15 Michael SpangMoved webcam to bit-shifter
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2009-07-17 Matt McPherrinwtf broken
2009-07-17 Matt McPherrinWebcam moved to malto
2009-06-30 Matt McPherrinMoved webcam back to sugar
2009-05-16 Matt McPherrinAlt text on acek's camera
2009-05-15 Matt McPherrinWebcam moved to acek
2009-02-02 Edgar BeringMerging changes to events.xml someone else added the...
2009-01-19 David BartleyRemove lame warning
2008-07-23 David BartleySpycam location updated
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2007-03-29 WebmasterAdded new webcam
2007-03-15 WebmasterAdded caramel-colour webcam
2004-10-22 James PerryWebcam page now fixed. Hopefully.
2004-10-22 James PerryTrying to fix webcam.
2004-10-22 James PerryWebcam is working again.
2004-10-06 James PerryAdded note about webcam breakage.
2003-05-12 Stefanus Du Toittest.?
2003-05-12 Simon LawSwitch to sugar from aquata.
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du Toitport 8080 is back
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du Toitchange webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du Toitchange webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du Toitchange webcam to aquata temp
2003-04-15 Simon LawAdded more stuff about the webcam.
2003-03-26 Stefanus Du Toitwebcam...