2019-09-13 Murphy BerzishF19 election results news item master
2019-09-03 Charlie WangEmpty dummy commit to rebuild member and exec list
2019-08-22 Zachary SeguinAdd notice about taurine
2019-08-11 Charlie WangAdd news about power outage downtime
2019-07-28 BoMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www
2019-07-28 BoAdd EOT event
2019-07-11 Uday BararMore event details for Alt-Tab Spring 2019
2019-07-09 BoFinalize Alt-Tab details
2019-07-06 BoUpdate Movie Night details
2019-06-26 BoAdded barebones event details for Movie Night, Alt-Tab
2019-06-11 BoCode Party 0 room change
2019-06-05 Charlie WangAdd location change for bondfire event
2019-06-04 BoCode Party 0 S19
2019-05-30 BoAdd bondfire event
2019-05-17 Charlie WangAdd news item for new exec
2019-05-07 Charlie WangAdd s19 elections to events
2019-05-06 Charlie WangEmpty commit to update exec list
2019-03-29 Aditya ThakralAdd some context for prof talk
2019-03-29 Aditya ThakralAdd second prof talk
2019-03-18 Aditya ThakralFix accidental copy
2019-03-18 Aditya ThakralAdd prof talks + movie night
2019-03-11 Aditya ThakralAdd code party 0
2019-02-19 Aditya ThakralAdd server downtime news
2019-02-19 Aditya ThakralAdd git 101 event
2019-01-23 Aditya ThakralAdd Algorithms practice workshop
2019-01-17 Aditya ThakralAdd Winter 2019 appointed positions
2019-01-17 Aditya ThakralAdd Winter 2019 election results
2018-11-30 Neil Parikhadd CSC EOT event
2018-11-21 Uday BararAlt-tab timing update for F18
2018-11-21 Uday BararEvent details for F18 alt-tab
2018-11-15 Uday Bararremoved ubarar's email
2018-11-14 Uday BararFixed thumbnail name
2018-11-14 Uday BararFixed ordering of media
2018-11-14 Uday Bararnetplay talk news item and media entry
2018-10-29 Neil ParikhAdd news item for Alt-tab call for talks
2018-10-25 Neil ParikhAdd gloves 101 event
2018-10-15 Neil ParikhAdd UNIX 101
2018-10-11 Neil ParikhAdd jane street talk and code party 0
2018-10-07 Zachary SeguinAdd notice for Oct. 9 power outage
2018-09-30 Neil ParikhAdd F18 Bonfire email
2018-09-20 Neil ParikhSecretary -> AVP in positions list
2018-09-20 Neil ParikhSecretary -> AVP
2018-09-19 Neil ParikhAdd election results for F18
2018-09-19 Neil Parikhnominations
2018-09-12 Jennifer ZhouAdd F18 elections notice
2018-09-10 Zachary SeguinAdd small notice indicating that taurine is available...
2018-09-04 Zachary Seguintest-ipv6 restored
2018-09-02 Zachary SeguinAdd update about power outage
2018-09-01 Zachary SeguinAdd update about power outage
2018-08-03 Zachary SeguinUpdate information about outage
2018-07-19 Zachary SeguinUpdate outage notice as it was extended
2018-07-19 Zachary SeguinAdd notice of power outage Aug. 21-24
2018-07-16 Marc Normand... Prof Talk
2018-07-09 Marc Normand... CTF
2018-06-28 Marc Normand... Alt-Tab
2018-05-30 Marc Normand... WiCS
2018-05-30 Marc Normand... Events
2018-05-22 Marc Normand... CP0
2018-05-15 Marc Normand... S18 xln results
2018-05-14 Patrick MelansonVery quick event for S18 elections, since they're happe...
2018-05-14 Patrick MelansonAdded nominations for s18 elections
2018-03-27 Patrick Melansonadded winner of uncode party
2018-03-26 Charlie Wangadd alt-tab w18 and uncode party to events
2018-03-25 Zachary SeguinUpdate donations page (correct MEF link, add drives...
2018-03-18 Charlie Wangadd Richard Mann prof talk
2018-03-09 Patrick Melansonadded maddog events so that he can get a hotel room
2018-03-04 Zachary SeguinAdd additional donations
2018-02-05 Charlie Wangupdate coc and constitution from jan25 meeting
2018-02-04 Charlie Wangupdate abstract and room for interview prep event
2018-01-24 Patrick MelansonAdded W18 code party 0 and tentative tech interview...
2018-01-09 Jordan Prydefix date
2018-01-09 Jordan PrydeAdded W2018 elections
2017-11-28 Marc Normand... Add EOT
2017-11-23 Marc Normand... Add CTF Workshop
2017-11-15 Marc Normand... Fix
2017-11-13 Marc Normand... Fix time
2017-11-13 Marc Normand... Add 2 more events
2017-11-02 Tristan Glen... Add Dave's talk
2017-11-02 Tristan Glen... Add Alt+Tab
2017-10-30 Marc Normand... Apparently the website barfs on slashes in locations
2017-10-30 Marc Normand... Merge branch 'master' of /users/www/www
2017-10-30 Marc Normand... Add CSC/WiCS mixer
2017-10-10 Jordan PrydeChanged UNIX 101 room to MC3003
2017-10-09 Marc Normand... Fix time for UNIX 101
2017-10-05 Marc Normand... Add Unix 101
2017-10-02 Marc Normand... typos
2017-10-02 Marc Normand... Goes Outside
2017-09-25 Marc Normand... Fix facts
2017-09-25 Marc Normand... Fix Title
2017-09-25 Marc Normand... Add Code Party 0
2017-09-17 Melissa TedescoFix term for elections
2017-09-17 Melissa TedescoAdd f2017 special elections event
2017-09-11 Felix BauckholtEmpty commit because life is pain.
2017-09-11 Felix BauckholtFall 2017 election
2017-08-08 Zachary SeguinAdd ginkgo and network cards to about/donations
2017-08-07 Patrick MelansonAdded unix102 s2017 and an alt-tab talk
2017-07-20 Bo Zhao MoEnd of Term Party event
2017-07-16 Bo Zhao MoAlt-Tab S17
2017-07-12 Bo Zhao MoSpring cleaning event
2017-06-28 Bo Zhao Morenamed Goes Outside