2011-01-06 Sean HuntI did not get the time wrong
2011-01-04 Sean HuntAdded W11 election announcement
2010-12-13 Matthew McPherrinUse protocol relative link to wiki (so we don't change...
2010-12-06 Jeremy RomanCSS does not support C++-style // comments. See w3...
2010-12-05 Michael Ellismagik off
2010-11-16 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of ssh://csclub.uwaterloo.ca...
2010-11-16 Edgar Beringcraig kaplan talk
2010-11-11 Michael EllisCorrected time (according to email). Ammended description
2010-11-03 Edgar Beringmathsoc cockandball
2010-11-03 Edgar Beringhow do I XML
2010-11-03 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of ssh://csclub.uwaterloo.ca...
2010-11-03 Edgar Beringtoronto and hackathon
2010-11-01 Michael EllisFlip the angry bit.
2010-10-25 Edgar Beringelyot talk
2010-10-14 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of ssh://csclub.uwaterloo.ca...
2010-10-14 Edgar Beringshai talk
2010-10-07 Matthew McPherrinAddress and phone on office page
2010-10-06 Edgar Beringunix 102
2010-10-06 Edgar Beringevent unix103
2010-09-29 Edgar Beringspeaker names
2010-09-29 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of ssh://csclub.uwaterloo.ca...
2010-09-29 Edgar Beringnext 2 weeks events
2010-09-28 Jeremy Romanspelling
2010-09-27 Edgar Beringpbarfuss talk
2010-09-25 Matthew McPherrinnote about syscom
2010-09-25 Matthew McPherrinOverzealous deletion
2010-09-25 Matthew McPherrinStupid word
2010-09-22 Michael Ellisnew certificate from GlobalSign
2010-09-22 Michael Ellisnews about mirror sadness
2010-09-22 Edgar Beringfrosh welcome
2010-09-22 Edgar Beringf10 unix101
2010-09-18 Edgar Beringfix typos/cooking for geeks
2010-09-17 Edgar Beringplragde adding presenter name
2010-09-16 Edgar Beringplragde talk
2010-09-14 Michael Ellisresults
2010-09-13 Michael Ellismissed one
2010-09-13 Michael Ellisclosing f2010 nominations
2010-09-10 Michael EllisElection time decided
2010-09-05 Michael Ellisnominations open for fall
2010-08-25 Jeremy Romanwe shouldn't list services we no longer provide
2010-08-07 Michael Ellisfuuuuck forgot to make URLs absolute
2010-08-07 Michael EllisApplied sorting transform
2010-08-07 Michael EllisUpdated hosted clubs list
2010-07-28 Jacob Parkerfixed webcam page, acek->bit-shifter.
2010-07-17 Brennan TaylorAdding Elyot talk
2010-07-13 Brennan TaylorFixing spelling
2010-07-13 Brennan TaylorFixing tag
2010-07-12 Brennan TaylorAdding Edgar talk.
2010-07-11 David BartleySwitch mirror traffic/requests graphs.
2010-07-11 David BartleyFix stats page.
2010-07-08 Brennan TaylorAdding code party
2010-07-03 Brennan TaylorAdding Nomair talk.
2010-06-25 Jeremy Brandon... minor tweak
2010-06-25 Jeremy Brandon... added a newline to the CSS becuase someone will be...
2010-06-25 Jeremy Brandon... enhanced webcam image
2010-06-25 Michael EllisMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2010-06-25 Michael EllisMake banner/logo go back to csc home
2010-06-21 CSC Execfixing date for plragde talk
2010-06-16 Brennan TaylorWhoops, forgot a "/"
2010-06-16 Brennan TaylorAdding PR Talk.
2010-06-07 Michael Ellisuse https
2010-06-07 Michael Elliscommented out broken image
2010-06-07 Michael Ellispoorly commented out line
2010-06-07 Michael EllisChanges to stats graphs according to IST. See syscom...
2010-05-24 Edgar Beringsussman for reall this time
2010-05-24 Edgar Beringsussman
2010-05-22 Brennan TaylorStuff does not like colons ... messed up links.
2010-05-22 Brennan TaylorAdding Sam's talk to the media page.
2010-05-14 Edgar Beringelectrons
2010-05-10 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/www/www
2010-05-10 Edgar Berings10 elections
2010-05-10 Michael SpangWebcam -> acek
2010-05-04 Edgar Beringspring term elections correctly
2010-05-04 Edgar Beringspring term elections
2010-04-05 Brennan TaylorAdded in PMC and sdt presentor tags.
2010-04-03 Edgar Beringjmsaunde talk
2010-03-30 Edgar Beringwindows azure lab
2010-03-29 Edgar Beringctrl-d
2010-03-29 Edgar Beringspasupal membertalk
2010-03-27 Brennan TaylorAdding presentor name and making thumbnails clickable.
2010-03-26 Brennan TaylorEdited out b4taylor talk.
2010-03-26 Brennan TaylorChanged talks page to have thumbnails and be awesome.
2010-03-25 Edgar Beringcode party last
2010-03-18 Edgar Beringpbarfuss talk
2010-03-18 Edgar Beringcode party
2010-03-14 Edgar Beringegrant
2010-03-08 Edgar Beringcode party 1
2010-03-04 Edgar Beringb4taylor talk
2010-03-03 Edgar Beringbowling
2010-03-01 Edgar BeringRemoving godawful Icons from the bottom bar
2010-02-26 Edgar BeringWatrous
2010-02-25 Edgar Beringcontest ending
2010-02-25 Matthew McPherrinFixed note on mirror
2010-02-25 Matthew McPherrinAdded mirror
2010-02-23 Edgar BeringCSCF Town Hall
2010-02-17 Edgar Beringadding Nick Harvey talk
2010-02-17 Edgar Beringremoving cash prize from the news item about the contest
2010-02-08 Edgar Beringadding nsasher's talk
2010-02-04 Edgar Beringadding Unix101 for w10
2010-02-02 Edgar Beringchanging links arround on the contest announcement