2015-03-20 Gianni Gambettifixing typo in href that prevented linking
2015-03-20 Gianni Gambettiexecutive -> executive council
2015-03-20 Gianni GambettiIncorporating feedback from Exec
2015-03-20 Gianni Gambettiwhitespace change
2015-03-20 Gianni GambettiCreation of Code of Conduct
2015-03-20 Gianni Gambettiremoving email address, oops
2015-03-20 Gianni Gambettiadding faculty advisor to positions page
2015-03-20 Gianni Gambettirollback accidental push
2015-03-20 Younjin KimAmended election deadline for a new term from three...
2015-03-17 Gianni Gambettiadding GM as news news-update
2015-03-13 Patrick Melansonchanged filenames of talk
2015-03-11 Patrick Melansonforgot to add presenter name here we go
2015-03-11 Patrick Melansonadded vijayan's talk, only first day by request
2015-03-04 Patrick Melansonadding entries for mtrberzi sat-smt talk
2015-02-28 Patrick Melansonadding a thumbnail for the wtarle android talk
2015-02-24 Patrick Melansonadded RSVP link to code 0 event
2015-02-24 Patrick MelansonI accidentally a word
2015-02-24 Patrick Melansonadded mtrberzi and mozilla tech talks event entries
2015-02-20 Patrick Melansonadded code 0 to events
2015-02-18 Patrick Melansonadded slides to tbelaire talk
2015-02-11 Patrick Melansonremoved unnecessary period from the /events/ page after...
2015-02-08 Patrick Melansonadded files that have finally been rendered for tbelair...
2015-02-05 Patrick Melansonnewline removed so git will see a new commit and rebuil...
2015-01-28 Patrick Melansonminor change, but this time submitted on caffeine
2015-01-28 Patrick Melansonfixing up bad commits, added tbelaire and kaelbling...
2015-01-23 Patrick Melansonupdated media to include alextsay and googlefiber talks
2015-01-19 Franceschini... Add Alex Tsay alumni tech talk.
2015-01-16 Younjin KimUpdated News with new exec.
2015-01-15 Elana HashmanAdd candidates to the elections page
2015-01-12 Younjin KimAdded RSVP link.
2015-01-12 Younjin KimAdded a needed colon.
2015-01-12 Younjin KimFixed some bad HTML.
2015-01-12 Younjin KimAdded details of Google Talk.
2015-01-06 Elana HashmanAdded skeleton Google tech talk, changed elections...
2015-01-05 Elana HashmanAdded Winter 2015 elections
2014-11-29 Elana HashmanRemoved stray --> that appears to have broken website
2014-11-27 Younjin KimAdded Ticketfi link to events.
2014-11-25 Younjin KimSorted current term events chronologically.
2014-11-25 Younjin KimCorrected past event titles.
2014-11-25 Younjin KimAdded a space because nitpick.
2014-11-24 Theo BelaireAdded Sean Hunt C++ ABI Talk
2014-11-12 Younjin KimUpdated event descriptions and corrected dates, times...
2014-11-11 Theo BelaireFixed xml comment
2014-11-11 Theo BelaireRevert "Revert "Added Bloomberg and Google Neural Net...
2014-11-11 Theo BelaireRevert "Added Bloomberg and Google Neural Net talks"
2014-11-11 Theo BelaireAdded Bloomberg and Google Neural Net talks
2014-11-04 Gianni Gambettibico talk media uploaded
2014-11-04 Gianni Gambettioffice waxing
2014-11-04 Gianni Gambettiadding bico talk shell
2014-11-04 Gianni Gambettiroom update for heroic http
2014-11-04 Gianni Gambettievent shell for bloomberg + glgambet-kernel
2014-11-04 Gianni Gambettiparagraph break in heroic http
2014-11-04 Gianni Gambettiupdating events with hackers talk
2014-10-27 Gianni Gambettiadding mobile platform talk
2014-10-27 Gianni Gambettiremoving webcam dependency from office
2014-10-27 Sean HuntRevert "-- Fixed typo in constitution."
2014-10-27 Mark Farrell-- Fixed typo in constitution.
2014-10-27 Mark Farrell-- Removed webcam.
2014-10-23 Younjin KimAdded Square Talk by Jesse Wilson to Events.
2014-10-21 Youn Jin KimFixed typos, updated abstract.
2014-10-20 Theo BelaireAdded an abstract for Bill Cook's talk.
2014-10-20 Luqman AdenIndicate who to make cheques payable to.
2014-10-19 Theo BelaireAdded October Events for 2014
2014-10-16 Jenny Wongtypos in news. Spring -> Fall, Apolgies -> Apologies
2014-10-15 Sean HuntAdd news about mirror being down.
2014-09-22 Youn Jin KimMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/www/www
2014-09-22 Youn Jin KimUpdated News with new exec members.
2014-09-20 Sean HuntFix missing closing tag.
2014-09-19 Bryan CouttsAdded whitespace to make the website rebuild
2014-09-19 Sean HuntMerge branch 'proposal'
2014-09-19 Sean HuntFinal changes from the meeting.
2014-09-19 Sean Huntjbroman's comments
2014-09-19 Sean HuntChanges based on feedback.
2014-09-19 Sean HuntProposed amendments for the September meeting.
2014-09-09 Youn Jin KimGoogle tech talk event.
2014-07-22 Ifaz KabirAdding CSC Goes Outside Again event
2014-07-16 Franceschini... Added the David Wolever talk.
2014-07-06 Franceschini... Unix 102 and Code Party 1 event
2014-06-20 Franceschini... Added Battle Decks event.
2014-06-19 Franceschini... Accidentally the date of Bloomberg Talk.
2014-06-18 Franceschini... Bloomberg event added, a bit late, my fault.
2014-06-09 Franceschini... Added CSC Goes Outside Event
2014-05-25 Franceschini... Fixed time format so event shows up in Google Calendar.
2014-05-25 Franceschini... Fixed time format so it is added to the Google Calendar.
2014-05-24 Elana HashmanCleaned up events.xml
2014-05-24 Elana HashmanFixed events page generation error; don't use '/' in...
2014-05-22 Franceschini... Added note about Sysad ratification.
2014-05-21 Franceschini... Added Unix 101/Code Party 0 to events
2014-05-15 Bryan CouttsAdded s2014 election result news
2014-05-14 Bryan CouttsAdded nominee list to election event
2014-05-07 Elana HashmanAdded S14 elections event
2014-03-14 Nik BlackChange time for Code Party 1
2014-03-09 Luqman AdenCorrect link.
2014-03-07 Mark Farrell-- Update upcoming events: HackWaterloo, Battle Decks...
2014-02-03 Mark Farrell-- Added events happening in the first two weeks of...
2014-01-17 Jeremy Romanit is 2014
2014-01-17 Jeremy Romanelection results
2014-01-15 Jeremy Romannominations closed (w2014)
2014-01-08 Jeremy RomanRevert "tentative only"
2014-01-08 Jeremy Romantentative only