2009-05-12 Michael SpangAdd mirror traffic graph to stats.html
2009-05-12 Kyle Spaanswrong URL for nominees list
2009-05-12 Kyle Spaansfixed the mistakes that kspaans made, because he's...
2009-05-11 Kyle SpaansMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-05-11 Kyle SpaansSpring 2009 nominees and voting policy
2009-05-07 Michael SpangAdding php on windows info session
2009-05-05 Edgar Beringadding pr and csk contact info
2009-05-05 Edgar Beringfixing iqc talk title
2009-05-05 Edgar Beringadding iqc talk/lab tours
2009-05-04 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-05-04 Edgar Beringadding pr functional lexing parsing talk
2009-05-04 Kyle SpaansSpring 2008 elections
2009-05-04 Edgar BeringFixing bad code
2009-05-04 Edgar BeringAdding kaplan Ogg and Slides
2009-05-04 Edgar Beringfixing code indentation in media page and I'm a tard
2009-05-04 Edgar BeringAdding Craig Kaplan talk to media page
2009-04-13 Edgar Beringadding permalink to zazzle under donations
2009-04-13 Edgar Beringadding a news item for zazzle link, might add a permali...
2009-04-02 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2009-04-02 David BartleyUpdate stats.html
2009-03-24 Edgar Beringadding Craig Kaplan talk
2009-03-24 Edgar Beringadding contest news item
2009-03-24 Michael GregsonAdded cake to code party.
2009-03-24 Michael GregsonAdded CTRL-D.
2009-03-18 Michael GregsonFixing title.
2009-03-18 Michael GregsonAdding code party. Fixing end time for contest.
2009-03-17 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-03-17 Edgar BeringAdding contest to events
2009-03-14 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2009-03-14 David BartleyFix MEF donations list
2009-03-11 Matthew ThiffaultFixing more broken links.
2009-03-11 Matthew ThiffaultFixed broken links.
2009-03-11 Matthew ThiffaultFixed a slight problem involving the script not searchi...
2009-03-11 Matthew ThiffaultActually commit the changes this time.
2009-03-11 Matthew ThiffaultThe header is now generated from the directory.xml...
2009-03-11 Matthew ThiffaultMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://csclub.uwaterloo...
2009-03-11 Matthew ThiffaultThe script now points to itself!
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonI hate make
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonShould work now.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonBloody hell.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonNow we actually include the proper .htaccess file....
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonNow htaccess as well.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonNow preserving permissions.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonI'm retarded. Fixing so we now copy .cgi
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonFixing retarded bug in build system.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonAdding library to build system, updating menu, and...
2009-03-11 Matthew ThiffaultThis is the library database search script that is...
2009-03-10 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2009-03-10 David BartleyAdd offsck (Office Manager) position
2009-03-08 Michael GregsonMerge branch 'master' of caffeine.uwaterloo.ca:/users...
2009-03-08 Michael GregsonCorrections to IQC stuff.
2009-03-02 Edgar Beringadding siggraph night
2009-03-01 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2009-03-01 David BartleyUpdate stats.html with new Orion link
2009-02-27 Michael GregsonAdding an end time to the IQC talk.
2009-02-27 Michael GregsonFixed the calendar generation, and updated some events...
2009-02-27 Michael GregsonDisgusting implemention of flexible endings for the...
2009-02-27 Michael GregsonFixing Dooly's time.
2009-02-26 Michael GregsonUpdating IQC times.
2009-02-26 Michael GregsonAdding abstract for PR talk.
2009-02-25 Michael GregsonAdding CUTC.
2009-02-24 Michael GregsonAdding some information about IQC talk.
2009-02-24 Edgar BeringAdding march events and Dooly's night
2009-02-20 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2009-02-20 David BartleyAdd weathermap back to stats.html
2009-02-02 Edgar Beringfixing typo in unix 101/102 events notice
2009-02-02 Edgar Beringadding unix 101/102 thursday event to events.xml
2009-02-02 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-02-02 Edgar BeringMerging changes to events.xml someone else added the...
2009-02-02 Edgar BeringAdding UNIX 101, Code Party to events
2009-01-29 Michael GregsonAdding library link.
2009-01-29 Michael GregsonTrivial modification
2009-01-29 Michael GregsonUpdating for RMS talk changes.
2009-01-29 Michael GregsonPosting code party for next Friday.
2009-01-19 David BartleyRemove lame warning
2009-01-16 Edgar Beringjoel spolsky update and code party
2009-01-12 Edgar Beringupdating Joel's talk
2009-01-12 Edgar Beringupdating Joel's talk
2009-01-11 Edgar BeringFixing minor error in rms talk info
2009-01-11 Edgar BeringAdding W09 RMS Talk to events page
2009-01-10 David BartleyFix elections time
2009-01-06 Brennan TaylorFormatting the file a bit and pushing to fix the failed...
2009-01-06 Brennan TaylorAdding nomination info and election date info
2008-12-13 Edgar BeringAdding Joel to events.xml
2008-12-02 David BartleyFix graph link
2008-12-02 David BartleyFix link
2008-12-02 David BartleyAdd apache graphs back in
2008-12-02 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2008-12-02 David BartleyAdd network weather map to stats page
2008-11-07 Edgar Beringadding Changing the World Conference
2008-11-03 Edgar Beringadding linux install fest
2008-11-03 Edgar Beringadding linux install fest
2008-11-03 Edgar Beringadding pr's functional programming talk
2008-10-24 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2008-10-24 David BartleyFix stats.html
2008-10-18 Edgar Beringupdating code party info
2008-10-17 Edgar BeringAdding code party location tba
2008-10-11 Edgar BeringAdding SIGGRAPH Night to events
2008-10-06 Edgar BeringFixing mistakes in previous commits
2008-10-06 Edgar BeringAdding 10/7,10/9 Unix101,Unix102