2010-06-07 Michael Ellisuse https
2010-06-07 Michael Elliscommented out broken image
2010-06-07 Michael Ellispoorly commented out line
2010-06-07 Michael EllisChanges to stats graphs according to IST. See syscom...
2010-05-24 Edgar Beringsussman for reall this time
2010-05-24 Edgar Beringsussman
2010-05-22 Brennan TaylorStuff does not like colons ... messed up links.
2010-05-22 Brennan TaylorAdding Sam's talk to the media page.
2010-05-14 Edgar Beringelectrons
2010-05-10 Edgar BeringMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/www/www
2010-05-10 Edgar Berings10 elections
2010-05-10 Michael SpangWebcam -> acek
2010-05-04 Edgar Beringspring term elections correctly
2010-05-04 Edgar Beringspring term elections
2010-04-05 Brennan TaylorAdded in PMC and sdt presentor tags.
2010-04-03 Edgar Beringjmsaunde talk
2010-03-30 Edgar Beringwindows azure lab
2010-03-29 Edgar Beringctrl-d
2010-03-29 Edgar Beringspasupal membertalk
2010-03-27 Brennan TaylorAdding presentor name and making thumbnails clickable.
2010-03-26 Brennan TaylorEdited out b4taylor talk.
2010-03-26 Brennan TaylorChanged talks page to have thumbnails and be awesome.
2010-03-25 Edgar Beringcode party last
2010-03-18 Edgar Beringpbarfuss talk
2010-03-18 Edgar Beringcode party
2010-03-14 Edgar Beringegrant
2010-03-08 Edgar Beringcode party 1
2010-03-04 Edgar Beringb4taylor talk
2010-03-03 Edgar Beringbowling
2010-03-01 Edgar BeringRemoving godawful Icons from the bottom bar
2010-02-26 Edgar BeringWatrous
2010-02-25 Edgar Beringcontest ending
2010-02-25 Matthew McPherrinFixed note on mirror
2010-02-25 Matthew McPherrinAdded mirror
2010-02-23 Edgar BeringCSCF Town Hall
2010-02-17 Edgar Beringadding Nick Harvey talk
2010-02-17 Edgar Beringremoving cash prize from the news item about the contest
2010-02-08 Edgar Beringadding nsasher's talk
2010-02-04 Edgar Beringadding Unix101 for w10
2010-02-02 Edgar Beringchanging links arround on the contest announcement
2010-02-01 Edgar Beringadding contest
2010-01-25 Brennan TaylorFixing typo and flushing out MEF section.
2010-01-14 Edgar Beringadding Paul Lutus
2010-01-11 Michael SpangAdd robots.txt to Makefile
2010-01-11 Michael SpangForbid indexing of mailman
2010-01-10 Edgar Beringadding bit-shifter's name to the webcam alt text
2010-01-08 Edgar Beringadding Geoffrey Hinton talk
2009-12-23 Michael SpangAdd figure for online renewal
2009-11-30 Edgar Beringadding ctrl-d to events
2009-11-23 Edgar Beringforgot edate/etime
2009-11-23 Edgar Beringadding code party
2009-11-15 Michael SpangMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-11-15 Michael SpangMoved webcam to bit-shifter
2009-11-14 Michael SpangFix link to stats
2009-11-14 Michael SpangFix target dir
2009-11-14 Michael SpangMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2009-11-14 Michael SpangRemove gallery2
2009-11-04 Edgar Beringupdating contest info
2009-11-04 Edgar Beringadding cowan talk
2009-10-20 Michael SpangAdd renewing membership to donations page
2009-10-20 Michael SpangFML
2009-10-20 Michael SpangAdded wrong button
2009-10-20 Michael SpangAdd button to makefile
2009-10-20 Michael SpangAdd renew button image
2009-10-16 Edgar Beringdooly's
2009-10-14 Edgar BeringAdding contest finale code party
2009-10-05 Edgar BeringI am a hobo and left the date as 2008
2009-10-05 Edgar BeringAdding Unix 103
2009-10-03 Michael SpangMake the iCal feed to use the title as the summary
2009-10-02 Edgar BeringI am a fool
2009-10-02 Edgar Beringmaking contest stay on the news page, and adding UofT...
2009-09-29 Edgar BeringAdding Linux Install Fest
2009-09-28 Edgar Beringopening the contest
2009-09-25 Edgar BeringAdding UNIX 102
2009-09-24 Edgar Beringadding contest
2009-09-21 Edgar BeringAdding UNIX 101 to the calendar
2009-09-14 Michael SpangUpdate booking time
2009-09-13 Edgar Beringadding fall elections
2009-09-11 Brennan TaylorMaking library textfields wider by default
2009-08-13 Michael SpangRemove library.csclub links
2009-08-11 Michael SpangUpdate webcams
2009-07-22 Michael SpangUpdate certificate
2009-07-17 Matt McPherrinWebcams
2009-07-17 Matt McPherrinwtf broken
2009-07-17 Matt McPherrinWebcam moved to malto
2009-07-14 Kyle Spaansunix 103 time and place
2009-07-14 Michael SpangFix end time
2009-07-14 Michael SpangAdd code party
2009-07-10 Michael SpangStats page
2009-07-06 Kyle Spaansfix title error for PR talk
2009-07-06 Kyle Spaansevent for PR's CS curicula talk
2009-06-30 Matt McPherrinMoved webcam back to sugar
2009-06-18 Michael GregsonFixed formatting error.
2009-06-18 Michael GregsonAdding iThumb project to news.
2009-06-18 Kyle Spaansplace for Paper club
2009-06-17 Michael GregsonShitty hack to attempt to deal with 24-hour times prope...
2009-06-17 Michael Gregsontypo
2009-06-17 Michael Gregson24-hour times are not recognized by ICS. Also, etime...
2009-06-15 Kyle Spaanspostponed paper club because Kyle is sick today
2009-06-12 Kyle Spaansfixed date for Dooly's night