2014-01-17 Jeremy Romanelection results
2014-01-15 Jeremy Romannominations closed (w2014)
2014-01-08 Jeremy RomanRevert "tentative only"
2014-01-08 Jeremy Romantentative only
2014-01-07 Jeremy Romanelections w2014
2013-11-22 Elana HashmanAdded info about the code party
2013-11-07 Elana HashmanSwapped security talks, updated Erlang reimbursement...
2013-11-04 Elana HashmanFixed librarian...
2013-10-29 Elana HashmanAdded code partay
2013-10-23 Elana Hashmanoops date
2013-10-23 Elana Hashmanevent and news updates
2013-10-18 Elana HashmanChanged bowling date and form
2013-10-16 Elana HashmanUpdated bowling signup date and Simon's abstract
2013-10-10 Elana HashmanAdded time for bowling
2013-10-08 Elana Hashmane# can't count
2013-10-07 Elana HashmanAdded times and rooms; wrote a news item.
2013-10-06 Elana HashmanAdded some sec talk abstracts
2013-10-06 Elana HashmanAdded some rooms
2013-10-04 Elana Hashmanapparently zablache graduated
2013-10-04 Elana HashmanAdded Security/Privacy talk details.
2013-10-04 Jeremy Romanseparate C++ night events so they show up separately...
2013-10-03 Jeremy Romancorrect C++ night date
2013-09-30 Elana HashmanAdded upcoming events...
2013-09-23 Edward LeeAppointed office manager.
2013-09-18 Jeremy Romanbecause there was a typo in the one I copied this from
2013-09-18 Jeremy Romanelection results news event
2013-09-16 Jeremy Romannominations are closed
2013-09-05 Jeremy Romanelections f2013
2013-07-20 Owen Smithspelling correction
2013-07-20 Youn Jin KimMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://csclub.uwaterloo...
2013-07-20 Youn Jin KimFixed some spacing.
2013-07-18 Matthew McPherrinDon't point directly at feeds
2013-07-17 Youn Jin KimFixed incomplete strong tag.
2013-07-17 Youn Jin KimCorrecting weird error.
2013-07-17 Youn Jin KimUpdated: Gavriel's talk on Monday.
2013-07-15 Youn Jin KimCorrectd overabundance of LaTeX stylin
2013-07-15 Youn Jin KimAdded three upcoming events.
2013-07-09 Youn Jin KimCorrected date. I am a derp.
2013-07-08 Youn Jin KimCorrected event time.
2013-07-08 Matthew McPherrinFix broken comment
2013-07-08 Youn Jin KimAdded new event (a talk).
2013-07-05 Youn Jin KimMore terse wording on cancellation, derp.
2013-07-05 Youn Jin KimRain date for tonight's event.
2013-07-04 Marc BurnsFix up event and news rendering problems. Remove extra...
2013-07-04 Youn Jin KimRemoved extra line.
2013-07-04 Youn Jin KimUpdated to include upcoming event.
2013-05-28 Elana HashmanAdded CUMC notice to News.
2013-05-27 Sean HuntDates are hard
2013-05-27 Visha Vjadding code party 0 to events
2013-05-16 Owen Smithi suck
2013-05-16 Owen Smithconclude elections news post
2013-05-06 Sean HuntElections are a thing!
2013-03-29 Owen Smithchanging formatting
2013-03-29 Owen Smithadding code party
2013-03-29 Owen Smithbuild was bitching about the escape character here
2013-03-29 Owen Smithadding unix101
2013-03-18 Marc BurnsAdd room for gvc's talk, this time without reformatting...
2013-03-18 Marc BurnsRevert "Add room for gvc's talk."
2013-03-18 Marc BurnsAdd room for gvc's talk.
2013-03-17 Owen Smithupdating time of gvcormac talk
2013-03-15 Owen Smithinitial entry for gvcormac talk
2013-02-25 Owen Smithupdating the time for herb sutter talk to 4:30
2013-02-12 Owen Smithmoving the quotation
2013-02-12 Owen Smithadding an entry for herb sutter talk... feel free to...
2013-01-21 Matthew McPherrinFix some broken links on stats page
2013-01-17 Owen Smithwinter 2013 election results
2013-01-04 Owen Smithadding elections announcement
2012-11-17 Marc BurnsSame typo.
2012-11-17 Marc BurnsTypo.
2012-11-13 Marc BurnsSASMS and Code Party 3.
2012-11-13 Marc BurnsFix mdash.
2012-11-13 Marc BurnsUNIX 101. Put KW Perlmongers talk short in abstract.
2012-11-13 Marc BurnsKW Perlmongers talk.
2012-11-11 Luqman AdenRemove dumbterm cam.
2012-11-04 Jeremy Romanreal-time is CS 452
2012-10-10 Elana HashmanAdded upcoming member talk and code party.
2012-10-03 Jeremy Romanservice announcement
2012-09-28 Jeremy Romantron showing
2012-09-26 Luqman AdenAdded dumbterm cam to webcam page.
2012-09-11 Marc BurnsMove election forward.
2012-09-05 Marc BurnsPost election event.
2012-09-05 Marc BurnsFix typo.
2012-09-04 Elana HashmanFixed a typo in about; updated events.
2012-09-04 Elana HashmanFixed trailing whitespace for jbroman
2012-09-04 Elana HashmanWebsite updates; random outdated stuff
2012-07-30 Owen Smithevent date and room no longer wrap
2012-07-30 Marc BurnsSet up for Fall elections.
2012-07-30 Marc BurnsAdd first two Fall events.
2012-06-06 Marc Burnscumc reminder, at elana's request.
2012-06-05 Marc BurnsAdded event for Code Party 1
2012-05-22 Matthew McPherrinAdded a note to office page with exec's email.
2012-05-07 Marc BurnsAdd Palantir event.
2012-05-01 Marc BurnsAdd elections for Spring 2012.
2012-03-28 Matthew McPherrinFix copypasta bug
2012-03-28 Marc BurnsAdd Bill Cowan's talk.
2012-03-19 Marc BurnsAdd Bill Cowan's talk to events.
2012-03-17 Marc BurnsClose OpenCL registration.
2012-03-15 Matthew McPherrinAdd hydro one and second orion
2012-03-15 Matthew McPherrinMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/www/www
2012-03-15 Matthew McPherrinRemoved cacti and noc.uwaterloo stuff