Update to LGPL v2.1.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / Makefile
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2001-06-04 roland2001-06-03 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2001-04-09 drepper(distribute): Add documented.sh.
2001-02-09 drepper(distribute): Add include/pthread.h.
2001-01-07 drepper(distribute): Add include/libc-internal.h.
2000-12-27 drepper($(inst_includedir)/gnu/stubs.h): Sort in the C locale.
2000-09-30 drepper(install): Set LC_ALL and LANGUAGE to C before running...
2000-08-03 drepper(README): Add rules to generate here as well.
2000-08-01 aj * Makefile (distribute): Remove include/db_185.h and...
2000-06-14 drepper(distribute): Add include/shlib-compat.h.
2000-06-14 drepper(distribute): Add include/db_185.h and include/db.h.
2000-06-13 drepper(distribute): Also distribute ChangeLog.1?.
2000-05-30 drepperAdd GNU make magic.
2000-04-18 drepper(install): Use slibdir and libdir instead of inst_slibd...
2000-04-06 drepper(distribute): Add abi-versions.awk and firstversions...
2000-03-26 drepper(postclean): Added soversions.i.
2000-01-12 drepper(install): Correct passing -r parameter to ldconfig.
2000-01-04 drepper(install): Pass $(install_root) to ldconfig.
1999-12-04 drepper(install): Remove flag -d in ldconfig call.
1999-11-01 drepper(pdf): New goal.
1999-09-20 drepper(clean): Also remove $(postclean) files.
1999-08-21 drepper(distribute): Add NAMESPACE.
1999-02-08 drepperAllow calling goals for po subdir.
1999-01-04 drepper(tests-clean): New test output files.
1998-12-28 drepper(distribute): Add INTERFAE and CONFORMANCE.
1998-12-01 drepper(postclean): Add sysd-sorted.
1998-11-20 drepper(distribute): Add scripts/gen-sorted.awk.
1998-09-25 drepper($(inst_includedir)/gnu/lib-names.h): Use $(do-install).
1998-09-23 drepperAdd localedata/% goal.
1998-09-16 drepper(distribute): Undo last change.
1998-09-14 drepper(distribute): Add include/sys/mman.h.
1998-09-14 drepper(install-symbolic-link): Remove the link list file...
1998-08-21 drepper(elf/ldso_install): Put back. The problem still persists.
1998-08-15 drepper(install-symbolic-link): Fix spelling.
1998-08-13 drepper($(inst_slibdir)/libc-$(version).so): Remove.
1998-07-22 drepper(headers2_0): Add sigstack.h.
1998-07-08 drepper(distribute): Updated.
1998-07-06 drepper(lib-noranlib): Don't depend on sysd-versions.
1998-07-04 drepper[versioning=yes]: Build the mapfiles with a pattern
1998-07-02 drepperAdd rules to generate map files.
1998-06-26 drepper(remove-old-headers): Make phony.
1998-06-22 drepper(headers2_0): New variable - contains so far only
1998-06-05 drepper(others): Build programs from install-bin.
1998-05-20 drepper(distribute): Don't distribute scripts/printsources and
1998-05-08 drepperDistribute various scripts files in their new home...
1998-05-08 drepper(+subdir-inits): Delete variable.
1998-05-06 drepper(sysdep-subdirs, subdirs, $(common-objpfx)sysd-dirs,
1998-05-01 drepper(subdir-stubs): Look for stubs files inside the subdirs.
1998-04-23 drepperChange occurances of `cd dir; cmd' to `cd dir && cmd'.
1998-04-21 drepperInvoke awk using AWK variable.
1998-04-14 drepperInclude makeconfig before defining rule to regenerate...
1998-04-09 drepperUse +force in dependency list of installation targets.
1998-03-30 drepper(parent-mostlyclean): Use object-suffixes-for-libc...
1998-03-26 drepper(FAQ): Fix typo.
1998-03-26 drepper(FAQ): Automatically check in regenerated FAQ.
1998-03-26 drepper(INSTALL): Depend on install.texi, not maint.texi.
1998-03-25 drepper(distribute): Add include/des.h.
1998-03-18 drepper(distribute): Add test-skeleton.c.
1998-03-16 drepper(subdirs): Always include rt subdir.
1998-02-27 drepper(distribute): Add README.libm.
1998-02-15 drepper(subdirs): Add timezone.
1998-02-13 drepper(headers): Add gnu/libc-version.h.
1998-02-11 drepperMove rules to handle isomac in stdlib/Makefile.
1998-02-10 drepper(parent-clean): Don't remove makefile fragments here.
1998-01-31 drepperUpdate.
1998-01-30 drepperUse CVSOPTS in cvs invocation.
1997-12-28 drepperUndo last patch.
1997-12-22 drepper($(inst_slibdir)/libc-$(version).so): Install the dynam...
1997-12-08 drepper(subdirs): Replace rt by $(rt).
1997-12-05 drepper(FAQ): Add rule to generate from FAQ.in.
1997-12-03 drepper(subdirs): Add rt.
1997-12-01 drepper(subdirs): Add iconvdata and localedata.
1997-11-26 drepper(iconvdata/%): Special goal to simplify iconvdata devel...
1997-11-18 drepper(subdirs): Add iconv.
1997-11-11 drepper(install): Run test-installation.pl if possible.
1997-09-11 drepper(distclean-1): Add glibcbug.
1997-09-05 drepper(subdirs): Reorganize order so that nss follows add...
1997-08-29 drepper(version-info.h): Use ISO form for the date.
1997-08-27 drepper(subdirs): Change db to db2.
1997-08-10 drepper(subdirs): Remove login.
1997-07-06 drepper(subdir-dirs): Define and add it to vpath for headers.
1997-06-21 drepperMake sure the target directory exists when installing...
1997-06-14 drepperRemove definition of libc-map.
1997-06-12 drepper(libc-map): Define before including Makerules.
1997-05-31 drepper(manual/dir-add.texi): Force execution.
1997-05-24 drepper(subdirs): Remove elf. Add $(binfmt-subdir).
1997-04-11 drepper(parent-tests): New target to run the tests to that
1997-04-02 drepperAdd rule to easily generate dir-add.texi file.
1997-03-21 drepper(distribute): Add BUGS.
1997-03-19 drepper(tests): Quote $(CC) argument to isomac program.
1997-03-04 drepperupdate from main archive 970304 libc-970307
1997-02-25 drepperupdate from main archive 970225 libc-970225
1997-02-15 drepperUpdate to 2.1.x development version libc-970218
1997-02-10 drepperupdate from main archive 970209
1997-02-03 drepperupdate from main archive 970202
1997-02-02 drepperupdate from main archive 970201
1997-01-30 drepperupdate from main archive 970129 libc-970201
1997-01-29 drepperupdate from main archive 970128
1997-01-26 drepperupdate from main archive 970125
1997-01-23 drepperupdate from main archive 970121