Revert last change.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / config.sub
1996-11-21 thomasRevert last change.
1996-11-21 thomas * config.sub: Recognize gnu-gnu* along with linux...
1996-11-20 djmcleanups
1996-11-08 djmpatches from bug-gnu-utils to support more architectures libc-961109
1996-10-29 rmsRecognize hppa-next as a valid CPU-COMPANY combination. libc-961030
1996-09-24 kenner(-vxsim*): New operating system. libc-960926
1996-09-15 kennerRMS:
1996-07-07 djeRecognize rtems as an o/s.
1996-06-18 ianRecognize -openvms.
1996-05-21 rolandRestore `hp9k2[0-9][0-9] | hp9k31[0-9])' case line...
1996-05-20 law * config.sub: Recognize -proelf as a basic... libc-960521
1996-03-29 dje(aux): Delete another duplicate entry. libc-960329
1996-03-29 dje(aux): Delete duplicate entry.
1996-03-21 dje(os): sunos[3456] -> sunos[34], sunos[56] have their... libc-960324
1996-03-05 kennerAdd -apple and -aux.
1996-03-05 erik(moss): Fix previous change. libc-960305
1996-03-04 kennerAccept -moss* as op sys.
1996-03-01 rolandRecognize cpu-vendor [ctj]90-cray, default c90-cray...
1996-02-12 djeRecognize sparclet cpu.
1996-02-11 rmsFix typo in previous change.
1996-02-10 kenner(-psos*): New case.
1996-02-03 meissnerAdd cygwin32; Put eabi .sdata2/.sbss2 into read-only...
1996-01-31 ianAdd support for A/UX
1996-01-17 djeRecognize go32* as an os.
1996-01-17 rmsDefault OS to nextstep if machine vendor is Next.
1996-01-16 kenner(sco5): New case. libc-960116
1995-12-15 coxs(i*86*) Change [345] to [3456]
1995-12-13 ianAccept *-*-ieee*.
1995-12-06 erichRecognize aof in the OS field.
1995-06-15 kennerChange FSF address.
1995-05-13 erichAdd configuration for semi-hosted ARM.
1995-05-12 dje(vxworks29k): New alias.
1995-05-09 meissnerAdd powerpc little endian support; Add powerpc variants...
1995-04-07 rmsAccept -lites* as op sys.
1995-03-22 rms(rm400, rm600): New machine names.
1995-02-20 dje(sun4sol2): Alias for sparc-sun-solaris2.
1995-02-18 djeRecognize lynx* as lynxos.
1995-02-08 djmAdd a blank in the #! line for 4.2BSD Dynix etc.
1995-02-01 meissnerAdd preliminary PowerPC eABI support.
1995-01-28 kenner(unixware, svr4): Treat as synonyms for sysv4.
1994-11-21 djeDelete duplicate of sparc-*.
1994-11-18 djeVendor for vxworks is wrs.
1994-11-17 dje(sparc): Recognize as a cpu.
1994-11-17 rmsAccept -domain as OS, and make it default for Apollo.
1994-10-26 kenner(pdp11): New machine name.
1994-10-19 djmAdd licensing exception for Autoconf.
1994-10-04 rmsTranslate -gnu/linux* to -linux*.
1994-10-03 ianAdd support for MIPS variants
1994-09-30 kenner(windowsnt): Alias for winnt.
1994-09-30 wilson(os): Accept coff as an OS.
1994-09-10 kenner(ptx): New OS; use for Sequent.
1994-09-09 kenner(dsp16xx): New basic machine.
1994-09-09 rmsAccept i586 like i386.
1994-09-07 bothner* config.sub: Cleanup NeXT support to emit nextstep*.
1994-08-25 mycroftRevert pc532 handling.
1994-08-25 mycroftRearrange handling of NetBSD ports.
1994-08-24 mycroftAdd da30-* for da30-unknown-netbsd*.
1994-08-24 mycroftRemove mac68k-*.
1994-08-24 mycroftAdd NetBSD support.
1994-08-23 rmsMove m68k-ccur handling to proper part of file.
1994-07-11 kenner(basic_machine): Add 1750a.
1994-06-23 kenner(m68k-ccur): New system.
1994-06-15 dje * config.sub (sparc64): New cpu.
1994-05-20 rms(basic_machine): Accept cxux*.
1994-05-19 rmsFix unrecognized os error message.
1994-05-04 djeRemove duplicate -freebsd* entry.
1994-04-25 kennerRecognize FreeBSD.
1994-04-12 rms(next): Fix typo in m68k-next-ns3 alternative.
1994-04-09 kennerAdd ns* as operating systems; default to ns2 for NeXT.
1994-03-24 kennerAdd case for Bull dpx20.
1994-03-07 rmsAccept freebsd as OS.
1994-03-01 djeMove comment to proper place.
1994-02-24 rmsDon't force os=-hpux for hp9k2... and hp9k3...
1994-01-16 rmsDelete duplicate clauses for hp9k2... and hp9k31...
1994-01-16 rmsAlphabetize the list of machine-name aliases.
1994-01-13 kennerFix typo in -hiux* case.
1993-10-31 rmsRe-add hitachi to list of companies not to treat as...
1993-10-30 kennerAdd H3050/RX support.
1993-10-26 rms(paragon): New alias.
1993-10-19 rmsRecognize powerpc.
1993-10-06 djefix 2 typos
1993-10-03 erichRecognize operating system "riscix*"; recognize acorn...
1993-09-10 rolandRecognize operating system `netbsd*'.
1993-07-21 wilson(lynx): Recognize as vendor.
1993-07-16 djeif [ "$os" ] --> if [ x"$os" != x"" ]
1993-07-14 jimb * config.sub: Add case for Bull dpx/2.
1993-07-09 djeMake `solaris' reflect the most recent major release.
1993-06-30 rolandRecognize `gnu' as a valid operating system. Sheesh.
1993-06-29 rmsRecognize -sysv* after -sysvr4.
1993-06-27 rmsCanonicalize -sco4 and -sco3.2.4 to -sco3.2v4.
1993-06-25 rmsConvert ...-sysvr4 into ...-sysv4.
1993-06-01 rmsHandle 386bsd.
1993-05-06 wilson> (os): Add -clix*.
1993-04-30 djeFix syntax error.
1993-04-30 sacAccept sh, hms.
1993-04-09 wood> Default to bsd if vendor is next.
1993-04-09 rmsAccept i370, mvs.
1993-03-24 rmsDefault to clipper-intergraph if system is clix.
1993-03-15 wilson(sparclite, sparclite-*): New configuration.
1993-03-04 sac(h8300hds): Change hds to hms.