Use a third signal __pthread_sig_debug distinct from
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / linuxthreads / internals.h
1999-01-07 drepperUse a third signal __pthread_sig_debug distinct from
1998-12-08 drepperAdd declarations of internal interfaces.
1998-11-30 drepperInclude <bits/libc-tsd.h>, not <bits/libc-lock.h>.
1998-08-28 drepperAlso define THREAD_GETMEM_NC and THREAD_SETMEM_NC to...
1998-08-26 drepperDefine THREAD_GETMEM and THREAD_SETMEM to default if...
1998-07-29 drepperUse __pthread_sig_cancel and __pthread_sig_restart...
1998-06-30 drepperInclude limits.h.
1998-06-29 drepperDoc fix.
1998-06-25 drepperFinish user stack support. Change locking code to...
1998-06-25 drepper(struct pthread_handle_struct): Add h_bottom.
1998-06-09 drepperAdd prototype for __pthread_manager_adjust_prio.
1998-04-20 drepperAdd spinlock definitions.
1998-03-13 drepper(struct _pthread_descr_struct): Add new fields for
1998-03-11 drepperLinuxThreads library.