\indexbreaks, \realunder, \multitable, \footnotezzz.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / manual / texinfo.tex
1996-11-17 karl\indexbreaks, \realunder, \multitable, \footnotezzz.
1996-11-16 karl (\value): Don't call \parsearg, @value takes a simple... libc-961116
1996-11-16 karl(\parsetpheaderline): Don't go through \tptemp when
1996-11-09 karl (\set, \value): Allow - and _ in @set variable names.
1996-11-09 karl (\readauxfile): Leave \catcode`\^ as other;
1996-11-05 karl(see ChangeLog for Oct 29.)
1996-11-05 karlCall \normalturnoffactive for the sake of \write's...
1996-09-30 karlUntabify.
1996-09-30 karlChanges for Texinfo 3.8 release; see ChangeLog.
1996-09-18 karl (\inforef): Move to more appropriate place.
1996-09-06 karlFormatting change, define @pounds, etc.
1996-09-02 karl (\centerchfplain): Rewrite to use \chfplain, and to
1996-08-31 karl(\key): Do not uppercase the argument; key names
1996-08-20 karl (\key): Typeset a lozenge around the argument (from
1996-08-05 karl (\heading, \subheading, \subsubheading): Can no
1996-08-03 karl(\HEADINGSdouble, \HEADINGSsingle,
1996-07-29 karl(\indexfonts): Make leading be 12pt. Otherwise, it...
1996-07-28 karl(paragraphindent): Move to more reasonable place in...
1996-07-28 karlInitial revision