1998-08-03 drepperPrototype __gen_tempname and __path_search, not __stdio...
1998-08-03 drepperUse mmap/munmap only is _POSIX_MAPPED_FILES is defined.
1998-08-03 drepper(IN_CLASSC): Correct mask.
1998-08-03 drepperUse mmap/munmap only is _POSIX_MAPPED_FILES is defined.
1998-08-03 drepperFix typo.
1998-08-03 drepperUse mmap/munmap only is _POSIX_MAPPED_FILES is defined.
1998-08-03 drepperCheck, if door add-on is installed.
1998-08-03 drepperAdd have_doors.
1998-08-03 drepper(tests): Fix last change.
1998-08-03 drepperRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1998-07-31 drepperWrapper around real header.
1998-07-31 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-31 drepper(__tzstring): Get rid of excessive cleverness which...
1998-07-31 drepperAdd __syscall_setresuid as real name for system call...
1998-07-31 drepper(seteuid): Implement using `setresuid' syscall if avail...
1998-07-31 drepper[subdir==misc] (sysdep_routines): Add sys_setresuid.
1998-07-31 drepper(__argp_fmtstream_update): Correct off-by-one in wordwr...
1998-07-31 drepper(LDLIBS-c.so): Extend value instead of overwriting it.
1998-07-31 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-31 drepperInclude stddef.h to get NULL definition.
1998-07-31 drepperDon't check for SCM_CREDS before syscall.
1998-07-31 drepperUndefine strdup before defining it, because bits/string...
1998-07-31 drepperUse only the first 8 characters of the password.
1998-07-31 drepperFix typo.
1998-07-31 drepperOptimize looking for type modifiers.
1998-07-31 drepper(parse_one_spec): Optimize looking for type modifiers...
1998-07-31 drepperAdd lots of new symbols from Irix and Solaris.
1998-07-30 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-30 drepperDon't define CLK_TCK for strictly ISO C compliant programs.
1998-07-30 drepperAdd ffsl entry point.
1998-07-30 drepperAdd ffsl entry point.
1998-07-30 drepper(zero): Make non-const to work around gcc bug.
1998-07-30 drepperAdd optimizations for ffs/ffsl on i686.
1998-07-30 drepperAdd ffsl entry point.
1998-07-30 drepperAdd ffsl entry point.
1998-07-30 drepperffsll implementation.
1998-07-30 drepperAdd ffsl entry point if appropriate.
1998-07-30 drepperDummy file to satisfy Makefiles.
1998-07-30 drepperSchedule for EV5. Add ffsl and ffsll entry points.
1998-07-30 drepper(ffsl, ffsll): Prototype.
1998-07-30 drepper(GLIBC_2.1): Add ffsl, ffsll.
1998-07-30 drepper(routines): Add ffsll.
1998-07-30 drepperCorrect typo in comment.
1998-07-30 drepper(ld-map): Move initialization below Makeconfig include.
1998-07-30 drepperRegenerated.
1998-07-30 drepperUse better regex for gettext.
1998-07-29 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-29 drepperImplement -c/--call-pairs option to emit list with
1998-07-29 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-29 drepperAdd DT_FLAGS_1 and the DF_1_* flag definitions.
1998-07-29 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-29 drepperDefine more EM_* constants, ELFCLASSNUM, ELFDATANUM...
1998-07-29 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-29 drepper(__lseek): New function.
1998-07-29 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-29 drepperSupport for non-default stacksize for LinuxThreads...
1998-07-29 drepperUse __pthread_sig_cancel and __pthread_sig_restart...
1998-07-29 drepperUse __pthread_sig_cancel and __pthread_sig_restart...
1998-07-29 drepperSupport for non-default stacksize for LinuxThreads...
1998-07-29 drepperMany updates, in particular w.r.t. debugging.
1998-07-29 drepperBump version number to 0.8.
1998-07-29 drepperUpdate. glibc-2_0_95
1998-07-29 drepperArm with FPU specific files to distribute.
1998-07-29 drepperNot needed anymore.
1998-07-29 drepperRemade for experimental-2.0.95
1998-07-29 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-29 drepperFix little oversight.
1998-07-29 drepperWinblowz compatibility stuff.
1998-07-29 drepper(install-lib): Compile libbsd-compat.a and libg.a only...
1998-07-29 drepper(tests): Depend on tests-static only if build-static...
1998-07-29 drepper(__msgwrite): Remove unused variables.
1998-07-29 drepper(__msgwrite): Remove unused variables.
1998-07-29 drepper(__msgwrite)[!SCM_CRED]: Add return statement, fix...
1998-07-29 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-29 drepperAdjust siginfo_t after latest kernel change.
1998-07-29 drepper(IPV6_ROUTER_ALERT): New constant from Linux 2.1.112.
1998-07-29 drepperFix problems with some cancelation errors.
1998-07-29 drepperMaintain const correctness. Move extern declarations...
1998-07-29 drepper(install-lib): Compile libposix.a only if build-static...
1998-07-29 drepper(csqrt_test): Correct typo in one test, add another...
1998-07-29 drepper(More Flags for Globbing): Fix typo.
1998-07-29 drepper(Special Functions): Fix typo.
1998-07-29 drepper%z is now recognized by printf.
1998-07-28 rth * sysdeps/alpha/fpu/e_sqrt.c [!_IEEE_FP]: Corre...
1998-07-28 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-28 drepper(getanswer_r): Lower the priority of warnings when...
1998-07-28 drepper(getanswer): Lower the priority of warnings when DNSSEC...
1998-07-28 drepperImplement GLOB_TILDE_CHECK.
1998-07-28 drepperRe-enable test with ~ and non-existing user name.
1998-07-28 drepperAdd option T to enable GLOB_TILDE_CHECK.
1998-07-28 drepperAdd GLOB_TILDE_CHECK.
1998-07-28 drepperFix typos.
1998-07-28 drepper(More Flags for Globbing): Document GLOB_TILDE_CHECK...
1998-07-28 drepperAdd prototype for sysv_signal.
1998-07-28 drepperUpdate.
1998-07-28 drepperAdd tests for */foo bug.
1998-07-28 drepper(glob): Correct problems with */foo and GLOB_NOCHECK...
1998-07-28 drepper(tgamma_test): Remove redundant tests.
1998-07-28 drepper(Special Functions): Mention in tgamma in lgamma descri...
1998-07-28 drepper(Special Functions): Document where tgamma comes from.