1994-09-29 rolandComment fixes.
1994-09-29 rolandInitial revision
1994-09-29 roland(struct dirent): New member `d_type'; shorten `d_namlen...
1994-09-28 roland[__USE_SVID] (SYS_NMLN): New macro.
1994-09-28 rolandFree storage on error from readdir.
1994-09-27 meyeringRemove CONFIG_BROKETS conditional.
1994-09-27 roland(all-dist): Prepend the appropriate sysdep dir names.
1994-09-26 djmremove CONFIG_BROKETS
1994-09-26 roland(_hurd_internal_post_signal: sigwakeup): Create a send...
1994-09-24 meyering[CMP_LT_OR_GT]: New macro.
1994-09-23 rolandInclude <hurd/msg.h>.
1994-09-23 rolandAdd missing & in __mach_msg call.
1994-09-22 cksadd convex c3* c4*
1994-09-20 bothnerPatches for HPUX, and SunOS4 (Japanese).
1994-09-16 rolandInitial revision
1994-09-16 rolandentered into RCS
1994-09-16 rolandentered into RCS
1994-09-15 rolandUse AC_COMPILE_CHECK instead of AC_HAVE_FUNCS.
1994-09-15 roland(sys_siglist): Define as macro to my_siglist.
1994-09-15 rolandInclude from mach/machine, not mach/i386.
1994-09-15 rolandInclude from mach/machine, not mach/i386.
1994-09-15 roland(__mig_put_reply_port): Declare.
1994-09-15 roland(__mig_put_reply_port): New function.
1994-09-14 roland(libc-name): Set to crt.
1994-09-14 rolandAdd libc-ldscript.
1994-09-14 rolandentered into RCS
1994-09-13 rolandDon't be synchronous: pass WAIT=0 to file_syncfs.
1994-09-13 roland(libc-name): New variable.
1994-09-13 rolandentered into RCS
1994-09-13 rolandentered into RCS
1994-09-13 rolandentered into RCS
1994-09-13 djmcomment name install-sh
1994-09-12 rolandOnly decrement LEN to remove the null terminator when...
1994-09-12 roland(__hurd_file_name_lookup_retry): Add break after FS_RET...
1994-09-10 kenner(ptx): New OS; use for Sequent.
1994-09-09 rolandGrok q modifier like ll.
1994-09-09 kenner(dsp16xx): New basic machine.
1994-09-09 roland(sysdep-Subdir-files, subdirs): Set these early on...
1994-09-09 rmsAccept i586 like i386.
1994-09-08 roland(__default_morecore) [! __STDC__]: Declare arg as ...
1994-09-07 bothner* config.sub: Cleanup NeXT support to emit nextstep*.
1994-09-06 roland(prefix_array, glob): Avoid const on initialized variab...
1994-09-06 roland(sysdep_dirs): Set this by running find, if it is not...
1994-09-06 roland(all-dist): Filter output of cat, not args to it.
1994-09-06 roland(TAGS): Define first so as to be default goal.
1994-09-06 roland(TAGS): Depend on distinfo, not distfile.
1994-09-05 roland(getnetbyname): Arg is always const, regardless of...
1994-09-05 roland(distinfo-vars): Double $s in final emitted sources...
1994-09-05 rolandAdd back h_errno declaration.
1994-09-05 roland(headers): Add netdb.h.
1994-09-05 roland(headers): Remove netdb.h.
1994-09-05 rolandIncorporated from BSD 4.4-Lite.
1994-09-05 rolandInitial revision
1994-09-04 rolandFix various typos and omissions.
1994-09-04 roland(faultexc.c): Change this to a pattern rule to build...
1994-09-04 roland(MACHINE_THREAD_STATE_SET_SP): Fix typo in last change.
1994-09-04 roland(_hurdsig_rcv_interrupted_p): Make PC volatile.
1994-09-04 roland(MACHINE_THREAD_STATE_SET_{SP,PC}): Cast args to unsign...
1994-09-04 rolandUse _hurdsig_catch_fault.
1994-09-04 roland(subdirs): Use sed to remove comments from Subdirs...
1994-09-04 roland(subdirs): Use sed to remove comments from Subdirs...
1994-09-04 rolandInclude <mach/i386/thread_status.h> first thing.
1994-09-04 rolandFix typo.
1994-09-04 rolandInclude "faultexc.h".
1994-09-04 rolandInclude "hurdfault.h" instead of <hurd/fault.h>.
1994-09-04 roland(sig): Add faultexc.
1994-09-04 rolandInclude "hurdfault.h" instead of <hurd/fault.h>.
1994-09-04 rolandInclude "hurdfault.h".
1994-09-04 roland(sig): Add hurdfault; remove init-fault.
1994-09-04 rolandUse _hurdsig_catch_fault and _hurdsig_end_catch_fault.
1994-09-04 rolandInitial revision
1994-09-04 rolandInitial revision
1994-09-04 roland(interrupted_reply_port_location): Use _hurdsig_catch_f...
1994-09-04 rolandReturn EPERM if TASK is not right.
1994-09-04 roland(_hurd_sigthread_fault_env): Variable moved to hurdfault.c.
1994-09-04 roland(_hurdsig_fault_init): Function moved to hurdfault.c.
1994-09-04 rolandUse MACHINE_THREAD_STATE_SET_PC.
1994-09-04 rolandUse MACHINE_THREAD_STATE_SET_PC.
1994-09-03 roland(main: try): Actually call ffs in the test.
1994-09-03 rolandFix final LEN calculation (again).
1994-09-03 rolandRestore FPU state. Code from kkojima.
1994-09-03 rolandFixed copying of the translator name into buffer with...
1994-09-03 roland(unix_syscall): In sed cmd, do = first to avoid clobber...
1994-09-02 rolandFixed missed replacements in last change.
1994-09-02 roland(connect): Fix accidental renaming of sun_path to sun_f...
1994-09-02 roland(routines, elided-routines): Set these both to $(bare...
1994-09-02 roland(distinfo-vars): Fix cmd to echo `sources' defn.
1994-09-01 rolandHandle dirs other than common.
1994-09-01 roland(routines): Add getdomain, setdomain.
1994-09-01 rolandInitial revision
1994-09-01 rolandInitial revision
1994-09-01 rolandInitial revision
1994-09-01 rolandInitial revision
1994-08-31 roland(_hurd_internal_post_signal): Fixed typo in last change.
1994-08-31 roland(sigsuspend): M-t.
1994-08-31 roland(_hurd_internal_post_signal: sigwakeup): Take no args...
1994-08-31 roland(_hurd_internal_post_signal: sigwakeup): If SS->suspend...
1994-08-31 roland(sigsuspend): Rewritten to set SS->suspended port and...
1994-08-31 roland(struct hurd_sigstate): Make `suspended' a port; remove...