1997-07-06 drepperInclude <hurd/id.h>.
1997-07-06 drepperRemove special handling of sunrpc code.
1997-07-06 drepper(dl_main): Add '\n' to _dl_sysdep_fatal ().
1997-07-06 drepper Remove final comma from enumerator list, forbidden...
1997-07-06 drepper(find_needed): Look for needed objects also in the...
1997-07-06 drepperAdd missing symbols.
1997-07-06 drepper(get_null_defines): Put NULL at end of list.
1997-07-06 drepper(sysnames): Don't add include here.
1997-07-06 drepper(distinfo-vars): Add %-map for extra libraries.
1997-07-06 drepper(subdir-dirs): Define and add it to vpath for headers.
1997-07-06 drepper(+includes): Add include directory to include path.
1997-07-06 drepper(all-headers): Look in include directory for indirectio...
1997-06-30 drepperRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1997-06-29 drepperAdd final newline libc-ud-970629
1997-06-29 drepperUpdate.
1997-06-29 drepperNot used anymore
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific type definition.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific setjmp buffer definition.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific context definition.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific syscall interface.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific system calls.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific sigjmp definition.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific setjmp definition.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific setcontext definition.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific profiling code.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific pipe implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific longjmp implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific kernel stat struct definition.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific initialization code.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific getcontext implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific fork implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific clone implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific brk implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific __longjmp implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperLinux/SPARC specific Makefile.
1997-06-29 drepperTrap definitions for Linux/SPARC.
1997-06-29 drepperTell xstat about the unused fields.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific startup file.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific shared crtbegin fils.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific shared crtend fils.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific static crtend fils.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific static crtbegin fils.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific ELF Makefile.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific FPU endian definition.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific FPU control definitions.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific dynamic linker definitions.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific configure.in.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific setjmp implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific _setjmp implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperSPARC64 specific Makefile.
1997-06-29 drepperDefine platform.
1997-06-29 drepperSparc64 files from GMP.
1997-06-29 drepperGenerate configure file
1997-06-29 drepperGeneric trap.h definition.
1997-06-29 drepperMoved to sysdeps/sparc64.
1997-06-29 drepperInclude <sys/trap.h>.
1997-06-29 drepperGet trap definition properly.
1997-06-29 drepper[PIC]: There wasn't even valid asm here.
1997-06-29 drepperEndian definition for PPC.
1997-06-29 drepper(__select): Change MACH_MSG_SIZE_INTEGER_T to MACH_MSG_...
1997-06-29 drepperCorrect FE_INEXACT case.
1997-06-29 drepperAdd xdr_opaque_auth declaration.
1997-06-29 drepperGeneric sigjmp implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperGeneric longjmp implementation.
1997-06-29 drepperDefaulting UMUL_TIME==UDIV_TIME is broken.
1997-06-29 drepperAdd typedef for stack_t.
1997-06-29 drepperMoved to sysdeps/generic.
1997-06-29 drepper(test_single_exception): The argument to fetestexcept...
1997-06-29 drepper(LDLIBS-*): Change from libm to math/libm to get static...
1997-06-29 drepperOnly invoke ld.so if it exists.
1997-06-29 drepperGenerate no-PIC crt code if need-nopic-initfini is...
1997-06-29 drepperRecognize sparc64.
1997-06-29 drepperRecognize sparc64 as being different from sparc.
1997-06-29 drepperDefine need-nopic-initfini.
1997-06-29 drepperRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1997-06-29 drepperRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1997-06-28 drepperAdd getresgid and setresgid.
1997-06-28 drepperUpdate. libc-ud-970627
1997-06-28 drepperUpdate.
1997-06-27 drepperUpdate.
1997-06-27 drepperAdd definition of MAX and MIN.
1997-06-27 drepperAdd ENOTDIR.
1997-06-27 drepper(__NONE_set_memvals): Correct typo.
1997-06-27 drepperMake _dl_sysdep_read_whole_file weak.
1997-06-27 drepperSet tag to 1 for Hurd and kernel compatibility version...
1997-06-27 drepperm68k specific NaN definitions.
1997-06-27 drepperMoved to bits/.
1997-06-27 drepperCorrect implementation.
1997-06-27 drepper(DEBUG_POP): Assume parameter to be pointer to
1997-06-27 drepperNew file. Test for exception handling functions.
1997-06-27 drepper(tests): Add test-fenv.
1997-06-27 drepper(fixup): Always use version information if available.
1997-06-27 drepper(_dl_open): Check versions of all newly loaded objects...
1997-06-27 drepperExit with error if number of option is incorrect.
1997-06-27 drepperAdd _rpc_dtablesize.
1997-06-27 drepperAdd <asm/types.h>.
1997-06-27 drepperAdd quotactl.
1997-06-26 drepperMerged with generic version.
1997-06-26 drepperUpdated. libc-ud-970626
1997-06-26 drepperDon't define `memcpy' macro if HAVE_MEMCPY is defined.