1998-06-09 drepperMove PID of manager fro global variable in structure...
1998-06-09 drepperOptimize mutexes to wake up only one thread.
1998-06-09 drepperDefine __pthread_manager_adjust_prio and use it to...
1998-06-09 drepperAdd prototype for __pthread_manager_adjust_prio.
1998-06-09 drepperUpdated from a sligtly more recent BSD version.
1998-06-09 drepperMove definition of __libc_stack_end to sysdeps/generic...
1998-06-09 drepper(EM_ARM, et al.): New definitions.
1998-06-09 drepperUpdate from db 2.4.14.
1998-06-09 drepperLocking implementation from 2.4.14.
1998-06-09 drepperLocking with SCO cc.
1998-06-09 drepper(routines): Add lock_region.
1998-06-09 drepperAdd __libc_stack_end.
1998-06-09 drepper(struct ip_options): Define __data member only for...
1998-06-09 drepperUndo last patch.
1998-06-09 drepper(fstatvfs): Undo last patch.
1998-06-08 drepperHandle constant object string from mntent correctly.
1998-06-08 drepper(generated): Correct typo.
1998-06-08 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-08 drepperAdd slovakic locale.
1998-06-08 drepperSlovakic locale definition.
1998-06-08 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-08 drepperHeader with interfaces for backtrace handling functions.
1998-06-08 drepperTest for backtrace functions.
1998-06-08 drepperMakefile for debug subdir.
1998-06-08 drepperx86 implementation of backtrace function.
1998-06-08 drepperkELF specific implementation of backtrace symbol genera...
1998-06-08 drepperGeneric implementation of backtrace symbols.
1998-06-08 drepperStub implementation of backtrace function.
1998-06-08 drepperAdd __backtrace, __backtrace_symbols, backtrace and...
1998-06-08 drepperUse sysdeps/generic/elf subdir if ELF platform.
1998-06-08 drepper(subdirs): Add debug.
1998-06-08 drepperRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1998-06-08 drepperRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1998-06-08 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-08 drepperOptimize to use strncmp less often.
1998-06-08 drepperImplement call graph profiling.
1998-06-08 drepper(__fgetspent_r): Correct buffer overflow fix.
1998-06-08 drepper(__fgetgrent_r): Correct buffer overflow fix.
1998-06-08 drepper(__fgetpwent_r): Correct buffer overflow fix.
1998-06-08 drepper(__underflow): Read character from read pointer as...
1998-06-07 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-07 drepperSysVr4 specific macros to convert from and to sigmask.
1998-06-07 drepperAdapt for change with anonymous syscall_error label.
1998-06-07 drepperRewrite PSEUDO etc to make syscall_error label in case...
1998-06-07 drepperLinux specific definitions for sigmask conversion macros.
1998-06-07 drepperRewrite the use definitions from sigset-cvt-mask.h...
1998-06-07 drepperSave one precious byte of rodata.
1998-06-07 drepperCall __libc_start_main with extra argument.
1998-06-07 drepper(elf_machine_runtime_setup): Use _dl_runtime_profile...
1998-06-07 drepperGeneric definition for sigmask conversion.
1998-06-07 drepperStore last stack address in __libc_stack_end.
1998-06-07 drepperCall _IO_cleanup_region_end with 0 and call _IO_funlockfile
1998-06-07 drepper(distribute): Add sigset-cvt-mask.h.
1998-06-07 drepperOptimize I/O a little bit.
1998-06-07 drepper(struct mentent): Make string elements const char *.
1998-06-07 drepperPretty print.
1998-06-07 drepperOptimize cleanup handlers a bit.
1998-06-07 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-07 drepperCall _IO_cleanup_region_end with 0 and call _IO_funlockfile
1998-06-07 drepperImplement flat profiling.
1998-06-07 drepperCall relocation function with extra argument.
1998-06-07 drepperAdjust prototypes.
1998-06-07 drepperInclude <features.h>, not <sys/cdefs.h>.
1998-06-07 drepperDon't examine _dl_profile variable, pass consider_profi...
1998-06-07 drepperDefine __libc_stack_end.
1998-06-07 drepper(_dl_relocate_object): Take extra argument, pass this...
1998-06-07 drepper(_dl_mcount): Don't mark as internal function.
1998-06-07 drepper(_dl_open): Call reloaction function with extra argument.
1998-06-07 drepperAdd _dl_profile.
1998-06-05 drepperRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1998-06-05 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-05 drepper(xdrrec_create): Add cast for *_ops array since we...
1998-06-05 drepper(xdrmem_create): Add cast for *_ops array since we...
1998-06-05 drepper(xdrstdio_create): Add cast for *_ops array since we...
1998-06-05 drepperInclude ../Makeconfig earlier.
1998-06-05 drepperModify config.make only if is was just created and...
1998-06-05 drepper(others): Build programs from install-bin.
1998-06-05 drepper(address-width): Fix conditional.
1998-06-04 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-04 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-04 drepperAdd fattach, fdetach, getmsg, getpmsg, makecontext...
1998-06-04 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-04 drepperCorrect typo.
1998-06-04 drepper(Range of Type): Change @end table->@end vtable.
1998-06-02 drepperRegenerated from ../sysdeps/gnu/errlist.awk ../manual...
1998-06-02 drepperUpdate.
1998-06-02 drepper(routines): Add cthreads.
1998-06-02 drepper(login): Let pututline take care of finding the positin...
1998-06-02 drepper(tests): New variable, add tst-utmp and tst-utmpx.
1998-06-02 drepperTests for UTMPX handling functions.
1998-06-02 drepperTests for UTMP handling functions.
1998-06-02 drepper(sys_nerr, _sys_nerr): Make weak aliases for _hurd_nerr...
1998-06-02 drepperAdd updwtmpx and utmpxname to GLIBC_2.1.
1998-06-02 drepperRename function to updwtmpx.
1998-06-02 drepperuse ISO C style definition.
1998-06-02 drepperUse _hurd_errlist instead of _sys_errlist.
1998-06-02 drepper($(objpfx)librtld.os): Renamed from librtld.so.
1998-06-02 drepperRemove _IO_getline_info which was erroneously introduce...
1998-06-02 drepper(__libc_write): Rename from old __write function, and...
1998-06-02 drepper(__libc_read): Rename from old __read function, and...