2003-02-10 drepperDefinitions for condition variables on Linux/SH.
2003-02-10 drepperDefinitions of atomic operations for lowlevel operation...
2003-02-10 drepperLowlevel mutex implementation for libc on Linux/SH.
2003-02-10 drepperLowlevel lock implemenation for libc on Linux/SH.
2003-02-10 drepperfork for Linux/SH.
2003-02-10 drepperFunction to create new thread for Linux/SH.
2003-02-10 drepperSemaphore definitions for Linux/SH.
2003-02-10 drepperPthread type definitions for Linux/SH.
2003-02-10 drepperTLS definitions for SH.
2003-02-10 drepperSupport to map LWP reference to thread descriptor for...
2003-02-10 drepperTCB offsets needed in asm code for SH.
2003-02-10 drepperDefinitions for pthread on SH.
2003-02-10 drepperpthread_spin_unlock implementation for SH.
2003-02-10 drepperpthread_spin_trylock implementation for SH.
2003-02-10 drepperpthread_spin_lock implementation for SH.
2003-02-10 drepperpthread_spin_init implementation for SH.
2003-02-10 drepperAtomic operations for SH.
2003-02-10 drepperMakefile for SH.
2003-02-10 aj Rework: %r9 is destroyed by functions so don't use...
2003-02-08 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-08 drepperRearrange code to not rely on behavior undefined accord...
2003-02-08 drepper(do_test): Lock mutex before creating the thread.
2003-02-08 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-08 drepperGet current working directory before and after the...
2003-02-08 drepper(ftw_startup): When using FTW_CHDIR, always remember...
2003-02-08 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-08 drepperAdd autoconf-recommended block of alloca-related code.
2003-02-08 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-08 drepper(__vfork): Branch to __fork whenever libpthread.so...
2003-02-08 drepper(PSEUDO): Add SYSCALL_INST_PAD macro after DO_CALL.
2003-02-08 drepper (__fpscr_values): Remove.
2003-02-08 drepperDon't include sysdep.h. Move include
2003-02-08 drepperThread descriptor offsets needed in asm code.
2003-02-08 drepperMakefile for SH.
2003-02-08 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-08 drepper(SYSCALL_ERROR_HANDLER): Save and restore the frame...
2003-02-08 drepper(start_thread): Undef to avoid to use definition for...
2003-02-08 drepperSystem specific definitions for Linux/SH4.
2003-02-08 drepper(__clone): Add additional parameters.
2003-02-08 drepperAdd SYSCALL_INST_PAD after the trapa instruction.
2003-02-08 drepperAdd non-PIC TLS macros and fix clobber list for SH.
2003-02-08 schwab.
2003-02-08 schwabBranch to __fork whenever libpthread.so is loaded.
2003-02-07 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-07 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-07 drepperMake sure __ASSUME_VFORK_SYSCALL is not defined if...
2003-02-07 drepper(h_errno): Put it into .bss not .data section.
2003-02-07 drepper(_res): Ensure _res is not common symbol, so that it...
2003-02-07 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-07 drepper(fixup): Correct typo in version index computation.
2003-02-07 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-07 drepperRemove unnecessary macros, left over from x86.
2003-02-07 drepper(TLS_GET_FS): New #define.
2003-02-07 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-07 dreppertd_ta_map_lwp2thr implementation for x86-64.
2003-02-07 drepperFix typo.
2003-02-07 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-07 drepper(tests): Add tst-popen1.
2003-02-07 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-07 drepper(__vfork): Branch to __fork whenever libpthread.so...
2003-02-07 drepper(tests): Add tst-popen2.
2003-02-07 drepperTest for popen.
2003-02-06 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-06 drepperSecond parameter of sched_setaffinity and sched_getaffi...
2003-02-06 drepperSecond parameter of sched_setaffinity and sched_getaffi...
2003-02-06 drepperUndo last change.
2003-02-06 drepper(_CS_2_SYMLINKS): New definition.
2003-02-06 drepperLittle mishap in last change.
2003-02-06 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-06 drepperRemove wrong but inactive generalization.
2003-02-06 drepperRemove wrong but inactive generalization.
2003-02-06 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-06 drepperFix typo in error messsage.
2003-02-05 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-05 drepperAdd posix_fadvise64 syscall.
2003-02-05 drepperAdd posix_fadvise64 syscall.
2003-02-05 drepperposix_fadvise for Linux.
2003-02-05 drepperBump to 0.20.
2003-02-05 drepperFix typo.
2003-02-05 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-05 drepperUse _IO_putwc_unlocked, not _IO_putc_unlocked.
2003-02-05 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-05 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-05 drepperFix a heap-corrupting bug.
2003-02-05 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-05 drepper(__libc_once): Set control variable for non-libpthread...
2003-02-05 drepperUpdate.
2003-02-05 drepper(__NR_set_tid_address): Add #ifdef for s390.
2003-02-05 drepper(allocate_stack): Pretty printing.
2003-02-05 dreppersem_wait implementation for Linux/S390.
2003-02-05 dreppersem_trywait implementation for Linux/s390.
2003-02-05 dreppersem_timedwait implementation for Linux/S390.
2003-02-05 dreppersem_post implementation for Linux/S390.
2003-02-05 drepperCancellation support for Linux/S390-64.
2003-02-05 dreppervfork for Linux/s390-64.
2003-02-05 drepperinit/fini support for Linux/s390-64.
2003-02-05 drepperCancellation support for Linux/s390.
2003-02-05 dreppervfork for Linux/s390-32.
2003-02-05 drepperInit/fini code for Linux/s390-32.
2003-02-05 drepperpthread_once implementation for Linux/s390.