descriptionGNU libc port to GNU/kOpenSolaris
ownerGNU kOpenSolaris Project
last changeThu, 2 Apr 2009 08:23:12 +0000 (04:23 -0400)
2009-04-02 David Bartleyfdwalk should return 0 on an empty directory master
2009-04-02 David BartleyMake fdwalk work when /proc isn't mounted
2009-04-02 David BartleyAdd d_type to 'struct dirent'
2009-02-18 David BartleyAdd __sched_get_rt_priorities (to be used for prio...
2009-02-18 David BartleyUpdate NOTES.opensolaris with scheduling details
2009-02-18 David BartleyDocument schedulers and mutex_real_ceiling
2009-02-18 David BartleyAdd mutex_real_ceiling field (flags.flag2) for mutexes
2009-02-18 David BartleyImplement linux-style statfs and co.
2009-02-16 David BartleyFix compile warning in htonll.c
2009-02-16 David BartleyFix 'macro redefined' warning in nlm_prot.x
2009-02-16 David BartleyFix typo in sys/mount.h
2009-02-16 David BartleyFix large-file macro usage in bits/statvfs.h
2009-02-13 David BartleyCall tdetach in nptl_detach if needed
2009-02-11 David BartleyAdd recently implemented syscalls to Versions
2009-02-11 David BartleyImplement _autofssys, _cladm, _lgrpsys, and _lgrp_home_fast
2009-02-09 David BartleyAdd sys/byteorder.h and ntoll/htonll
12 years ago fedora-glibc-2_8_90-11
12 years ago fedora-glibc-20080802T0809
12 years ago fedora-glibc-2_8_90-10
12 years ago fedora-glibc-20080728T2320
12 years ago fedora-glibc-2_8_90-9
12 years ago fedora-glibc-20080716T0944
12 years ago fedora-glibc-2_8_90-8
12 years ago fedora-glibc-20080703T1203
12 years ago fedora-glibc-2_8_90-7
12 years ago fedora-glibc-20080613T1601
12 years ago fedora-glibc-2_8_90-6
12 years ago fedora-glibc-20080612T1619
12 years ago fedora-glibc-2_8_90-5
12 years ago fedora-glibc-20080524T2218
12 years ago fedora-glibc-2_8_90-4
12 years ago fedora-glibc-20080520T1924
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