2003-05-17 Simon Law- Added Cass as the Librarian
2003-05-15 Stefanus Du... added news
2003-05-15 Stefanus Du... new exec
2003-05-15 Stefanus Du... Added the executive manual
2003-05-15 Stefanus Du... Added execmanual
2003-05-12 Stefanus Du... fix streaming
2003-05-12 Stefanus Du... test.?
2003-05-12 Simon LawSwitch to sugar from aquata.
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du... port 8080 is back
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du... change webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du... change webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du... change webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... fixed up many clubs
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... fixup clubs
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... added clubs
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... really added users
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... added user page
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... add s2003 elects
2003-04-15 Simon LawAdded more stuff about the webcam.
2003-04-12 Simon Law- Added new OSes
2003-03-26 Stefanus Du... streaming
2003-03-26 Stefanus Du... webcam...
2003-03-25 Simon Law- Reverted jlavoie's duplicates.
2003-03-25 Simon Law- Added short for McCool's talk
2003-03-25 Julie Lavoieadded events
2003-03-21 Simon Law- New events added.
2003-03-10 Simon Law- New ISOs
2003-02-23 Simon Law- Add BSD event
2003-02-10 Simon Law- Fix typo in LaTeX talk
2003-02-10 Simon Law- New LaTeX talk
2003-02-10 Simon Law- Added new OS
2003-01-29 Julie Lavoiemodified abstract for unix tutorial.
2003-01-29 Julie LavoieFixed bad tag in events.xml.
2003-01-29 Julie LavoieFurther event updates
2003-01-29 Julie LavoieAdded details of Unix 101.
2003-01-22 Julie Lavoieremoved Subsubdirs line from Makefile, since we don...
2003-01-21 Julie Lavoiefixed clean-recurse
2003-01-21 Julie LavoieAdded line to make 'make clean-recurse' target recurse...
2003-01-21 Julie LavoieAdded $SUBSUBDIRS to allow make clean-recurse to recurs...
2003-01-21 Julie LavoieAdded link to operating-systems.html from index page.
2003-01-21 Simon Law- Put in the right OS information
2003-01-21 Simon Law- Corrected factual SNOBOL erro
2003-01-20 Julie LavoieJust fixing spelling mistaken in MKLinux
2003-01-20 Julie Lavoieremove os
2003-01-20 Julie LavoieAdded more complete list of OSes available + descriptio...
2003-01-20 Simon Law- Added room numbers for Simon's events.
2003-01-20 Simon Law- Put in a whack of events that Simon is going to do...
2003-01-18 Julie LavoieFixed previous mistake I made in escape sequence for...
2003-01-18 Julie LavoieList of OSes available from the CSC
2003-01-18 Julie LavoieAdded list of os page. Fixed mistake in website editing...
2003-01-15 Simon Law- Add support for sex in the about/exec.xml page.
2003-01-15 Simon LawAdd staff web pages.
2003-01-14 Stefanus Du... added sysadmin
2003-01-14 Stefanus Du... added sysadmin
2003-01-14 Simon Law- Added election news.
2003-01-05 Stefanus Du... elections w03
2002-11-20 James MorrisonSamba talk by Dan.
2002-11-20 Stefanus Du... Perl 6
2002-11-12 James MorrisonAdded York information
2002-11-02 Simon LawSimon Law really fixes the problem this time.
2002-11-02 Simon LawSimon Law fixed the &#mdash; problem in the GNU GPL...
2002-11-02 Simon LawSimon Law added an abstract for the GNU GPL talk.
2002-10-30 Stefanus Du... Better short for evilc++
2002-10-30 Stefanus Du... Added Evil C++ abstract
2002-10-30 James MorrisonMoved evil c++ to 4:30 and MC 2065.
2002-10-29 Stefanus Du... added news about romp
2002-10-29 James MorrisonUpdated to all current events.
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... Added NS4 stylesheet stuff.
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... Just about done.
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... More and more.
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... More news
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... More stuff.
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... Getting there...
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... yet more netscapishness
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... more netscapeisms.
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... Make more netscape-compatible.
2002-10-28 Stefanus Du... Fix up installfest. Remove jep talks.
2002-10-26 Stefanus Du... added installfest abstract
2002-10-22 James MorrisonJim is dumb
2002-10-22 James MorrisonFixed some dumb jim mistakes.
2002-10-21 James MorrisonRemoved over use of GNU/
2002-10-21 Stefanus Du... Added carlos abstract
2002-10-21 James MorrisonThe Hurd isn't a microkernel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2002-10-20 WebmasterAnother test
2002-10-20 WebmasterAdded beware. testing auto-update-on-commit
2002-10-19 James MorrisonFixed the spelling of Neal's name.
2002-10-19 Webmasters/the office/our office/
2002-10-19 WebmasterRemoved mention of office staff.
2002-10-19 WebmasterAdded constitutional change file
2002-10-19 Webmasterwebsite updates
2002-10-05 WebmasterFixed up unix 102 date for real.
2002-10-05 WebmasterFixed up unix102.
2002-10-01 WebmasterPints with Profs abstract
2002-10-01 WebmasterUpdated the numbering etc.
2002-10-01 WebmasterAdded some news
2002-09-30 WebmasterConstitutional change from business meeting on 2002...
2002-09-27 WebmasterAdded constitutional change thing.
2002-09-26 Webmasterfix ryan's homepage
2002-09-26 Webmasterimapd
2002-09-26 WebmasterAdded plenty of events. Updated exec list.