2007-10-26 Michael SpangRemove remnants of SQL interface
2007-10-05 Michael SpangBump version to 0.3.1 v0.3.1
2007-10-05 Michael SpangAdd python-urwid to dependencies
2007-10-05 Michael SpangUpdate config defaults for usergroups
2007-10-05 Michael SpangAdjust ID ranges in
2007-10-05 Michael Spangaddhomedir: invalidate the group table too
2007-10-05 Michael SpangAdd create club account menu item
2007-10-01 Michael SpangSpawn nscd, don't exec()
2007-09-28 David BartleyMake addhomedir call 'nscd -i passwd'
2007-09-25 Michael SpangClear status in pop_window()
2007-09-25 Michael SpangBump version to 0.3.0 v0.3.0
2007-09-25 Michael SpangAdd experimental urwid-based GUI
2007-09-16 Michael SpangRip out studentid support
2007-07-17 Michael SpangUnbreak termusers in ceoquery.
2007-07-16 Michael SpangIncrease widths of UI windows.
2007-07-16 Michael SpangPgSQL to LDAP transition - Complete
2007-07-16 Michael SpangFix typo in
2007-07-16 Michael SpangIgnore build files in .gitignore files.
2007-07-07 Michael SpangInclude in by default.
2007-05-28 Michael SpangNew release (0.2.4). v0.2.4
2007-05-28 Michael SpangSwitching Python module dependencies to current package...
2007-05-23 Michael SpangRun less in "secure" mode.
2007-05-05 Michael SpangCall setreuid(euid, euid) in csc-chfn and csc-chsh...
2007-05-04 Michael SpangUpdate to GIT-HOWTO and INSTALLING docs
2007-05-04 Michael SpangMake 'studentid' attribute optional for members
2007-05-03 Michael SpangAdd dependency on python-pam.
2007-04-30 Michael SpangAccept 'j' and 'k' for 'down' and 'up' in CEO menus.
2007-02-19 Michael SpangInstall csc.schema with the package.
2007-02-19 Michael SpangNew release (0.2.3). v0.2.3
2007-02-19 Michael SpangMerge branch 'ldap'
2007-02-19 Michael SpangPgSQL to LDAP transition - Phase 1: Added LDAP support...
2007-02-19 Michael SpangChanged 'studentid' attribute from integer to IA5 strin...
2007-02-19 Michael SpangUpdated OIDs of schema to reflect assignment of PEN...
2007-02-19 Michael SpangAdded CSC LDAP schema.
2007-02-19 Michael SpangAdded csc-chsh and csc-chfn to build and install scripts.
2007-02-15 Michael SpangImproved error handling in LDAP module.
2007-02-14 Michael SpangUpdated LDAP backend tests.
2007-02-04 Michael SpangAdded "csc-chsh" and "csc-chfn" utilities.
2007-02-04 Michael SpangUpdate of setuid cleanup code.
2007-02-03 Michael SpangAdded "ceoquery", a utility to retrieve lists of member...
2007-02-03 Michael SpangBug fix: build_gecos() did not include enough commas...
2007-02-03 Michael SpangAdded list_all() to members module.
2007-01-29 Michael SpangNew release (0.2.2). v0.2.2
2007-01-29 Michael SpangAdded "addhomedir", a utility to create home directorie...
2007-01-29 Michael SpangDocstring update: documented parameters and exceptions...
2007-01-29 Michael SpangAdded octal support to configuration module.
2007-01-28 Michael SpangMinor update of getting started documents.
2007-01-28 Michael SpangDocstring update: fixed exception list of accounts...
2007-01-28 Michael SpangBug fix: CEO ( still referenced an exception...
2007-01-28 Michael SpangNew release (version 0.2.1). v0.2.1
2007-01-28 Michael SpangAdded GIT-HOWTO and INSTALLING docs.
2007-01-28 Michael SpangNew release (version 0.2). v0.2
2007-01-27 Michael SpangMoved files into their new locations prior to commit...
2007-01-27 Michael SpangInitial import (version 0.1). v0.1