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If you wish to have a more customized domain name, please see
[Using a custom domain name](#using-a-custom-domain-name), below.
!!! note "Multi-level subdomains"
While you are allowed to create multi-level subdomains of
(e.g., we strongly ask that you do not do this
@ -65,6 +68,10 @@ ceo cloud vhosts delete
will effectively override the first (that is, the vhost will be replaced).
## Using a custom domain name
If you wish to use a domain which does not have your username in it,
please send an email to the [Systems Committee](
with your desired domain name and the IP address of your VM.
If you wish to use a custom domain name which you have purchased from an external
registrar, please make it point to the IP addresses of ``. As of this writing,
this is:

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