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* [CloudStack](cloudstack) - Virtual machines on demand.
* [Virtual hosting](vhosts) - Domain name routing for websites.
* [Kubernetes](kubernetes) - Easily deploy your Dockerized apps.
* [Registry](registry) - A place to store your Docker images.
## Getting Started

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# Registry
We are running an instance of [Harbor]( at
Harbor is a container registry for uploading and downloading Docker images.
## Resource Limits
As of this writing, each member is restricted to a project with a 25GB
storage quota. Multiple images may be pushed to a project.
If you want more space, please send an email to syscom with a brief
## Logging in to the website
Just visit
and press the 'Login via OIDC Provider' button.
## Create a project
*After* you have logged in to Harbor, SSH into a CSC machine and run the
ceo registry project create
Now refresh the Harbor page; you should see a project whose name is your
username. You are an admin of this project, so you can invite other
Harbor users to it if you wish.
## Logging in to the registry
From the Harbor UI, click the top left corner, click 'User Profile', and
copy the CLI secret.
From your personal computer, login to the registry:
docker login
Use your CSC username for the username; use the CLI secret you copied earlier
for the password.
## Pushing an image
Once you have logged into the registry, you can start pushing your own images.
Let's say you have an image which you created locally called
`myimage:0.1.0`. Create a new tag of your image for the CSC registry:
docker tag myimage:0.1.0
(Replace `your_username` with your actual username.)
Now push it:
docker push
!!! tip
Keep your Docker images small. This speeds up your upload time, and makes
you less likely to reach your storage quota.
[Here]( are
some good suggestions; you can find plenty more online with a quick
Google search.

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- Virtual Hosting:
- Kubernetes:
- SSH Tricks:
- Registry:
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