helm chart for prometheus and loki stack
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this repo is a clone of loki-stack helm chart - with fixed dependency versions and a more fitting values.yaml.


the easiest way to test the stack is to run it on your own local minikube cluster.

very important that we use a kubernetes version <1.25 (some api features we need are now deprecated):

$ minikube start --kubernetes-version=1.23.5
$ minikube addons enable ingress

some basic cluster setup commands

$ kubectl create namespace monitoring

to access the grafana web ui, we need a host to resolve to. we can just modify our /etc/hosts to fudge the dns. first note the output from:

$ minikube ip

and add the entry to /etc/hosts:

[minikube ip] [domain]

we can now install the helm chart

$ helm dependency build
$ helm install -f values.yaml -n monitoring prom-loki .


  • tls
  • alertmanager on irc


values.yml reference for sub charts: