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Rio Liu 5d3a4b47b4 error on 404 and fix artix checker 8 months ago
Raymond Li dce2583550
Redo ubuntu, double ubuntu_releases OOS interval 9 months ago
Raymond Li 771d95814f
Fix trisquel date bug 9 months ago
Raymond Li 232a125139
Fix parameter mismatch 9 months ago
Raymond Li b2e3d431b1
Fix not working on Python 3.10 9 months ago
Raymond Li e4f9b2e736
Add Artix 9 months ago
Raymond Li a33c73a7e9
Improvements 11 months ago
Tom e8265a2802 changed linuxmint, ubuntu_ports_releases, xubuntu_releases 12 months ago
Tom 2e93222a38 reordering data.json 12 months ago
Tom 5747239062 updated mxlinux_iso 12 months ago
Tom fbf080de1b trisquel updated 12 months ago
Tom ce3e8f907a updated trisquel 12 months ago
Tom fb7337457e updated slackware 12 months ago
Tom 68e13c327e updated ubuntu_ports 12 months ago
Tom fe7d22e1e5 added netBSD 12 months ago
Tom 1df671b9e0 added puppy linux 12 months ago
Tom e3a4d18b36 added opensuse 12 months ago
Tom 709aa04cb8 added 12 months ago
Tom c974d49ffc xiph added 12 months ago
Tom 26e57b4d4d added macports 12 months ago
Tom 3d5eee45db added racket 12 months ago
Tom 0b3e36a8ff added sagemath and saltstack 12 months ago
Tom c76ae9c325 added linuxmint, linuxmint-packages, raspberry pi, ubuntu-ports-releases, and xubuntu-releases 12 months ago
Tom 7728d3eaa6 added ctan 1 year ago
Tom 565fd092d2 added CRAN 1 year ago
Tom dba5643c4e added pkgsrc qtproject raspbian slackware trisquel ubuntu-ports ubuntu-releases 1 year ago
Tom 513bf63fc4 added parabola 1 year ago
Tom f8917c9687 nongnu added 1 year ago
Tom 73ff18ec67 added mySQL 1 year ago
Tom 8195cbb042 added mxlinux, mxlinux-iso 1 year ago
Tom 1b53f605c9 added manjaro and fixed ubuntu 1 year ago
Tom 530d22f0ab adjusted tdf, ubuntu, vlc from Distro to Project 1 year ago
Raymond Li e7d483da5d
Update 1 year ago
Raymond Li 5bb7c74147
Dynamically import 1 year ago
Raymond Li ccc11f07df
Rename distro to project 1 year ago
Raymond Li 3428e81cec
Refactor and use requirements file 1 year ago