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DSC and CSC are excited to announce that we’re bringing back the Project Program for Fall 2021!
Project Program is a month-long experience where you can plan and create amazing side projects as we support you! 🖥
For Fall 2021, we will once again be pairing mentees with mentors who will help guide the mentees. 🏆 Together, you will let your creativity flow as you brainstorm ideas and create a final project that you’re passionate about. At the end, you’ll have the chance to present your project to win prizes!
The applications for mentees are officially open! As a mentee, you’re responsible for creating a project, collaborating with your group, and learning along the way. ✨
If you’re interested in being a mentee, sign up today!
👉 Sign up at
Alternatively, you can email us at with a short description about yourself, your experience, what types of projects you’d like to build, and who you’d like to work with!
📅 Deadline to Sign Up: October 1, 2021