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7 Commits (renovate/eslint-plugin-react-7.x)

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l42luo 2ced987f42 Mobile Mini Event Card (#97) 2 years ago
Aditya Thakral 470a70d6b4 Use eslint-plugin-import to bring some order to the mess (#132) 2 years ago
Adi Thakral 93ede558a4 Fix font-size, line-height, and some other smaller changes 2 years ago
Linna Luo 426c81360e Fix MiniEventCard drop down icon styling 2 years ago
Amy Wang 4777b5f274 TeamMemberCard 2 years ago
Aditya Thakral 04736be3b6 Consistent event cards 2 years ago
Linhui Luo efd9eecdca Create MiniEventCard 2 years ago