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author: 'n3parikh'
date: 'October 19 2021 00:00'
Fall 2021 elections have concluded. Here are your executives for the term:
- President: Dora Su (d43su)
- VP (Head of Events): Jason Sang (jzsang)
- AVP (Head of Marketing): Anjing Li (a348li)
- Treasurer: Yanni Wang (y3859wang)
- Sysadmin: Max Erenberg (merenber)
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Additionally, the following postions were appointed:
- Head of Discord: Andrew Wang
- Head of Design: Sam Honoridez
- Head of Reps: Juthika Hoque
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role: President
Hello, I'm Kallen, a 4th year CS student.
Hey everyone, I'm Kallen! I'm a 4th year CS student and it's my goal to make sure that every computing student at Waterloo has a place that they can belong and get the support they need 🙌. Outside of CSC, I'm an avid traveller and a hobbyist photographer 📷. I love playing games, finding new mountains to climb ⛰, and watching horror movies. Feel free to reach out and chat with me about anything!