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Judy, or What Is It Like To Be A Robot? Held in co-operation with the UW Cognitive Science Club Mon Mar 24 2003 20:00:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) false Humanities Theatre, Hagey Hall

A lot of claims have been made lately about the intelligence of computers. Some researchers say that computers will eventually attain super-human intelligence. Others call these claims... um, poppycock. Oddly enough, in the search for the truth of the matter, both camps have overlooked an obvious strategy: interviewing a computer and asking her opinion.

"Judy is as much fun as a barrel of wind-up cymbal-monkeys, and lots more entertaining." --- Bill Rodriguez, Providence Phoenix

"Tom Sgouros's witty play, co-starring the charming robot Judy, is an imagination stretcher that delights while it exercises your mind. If you think you can't imagine a conscious robot, you're wrong---you can, especially once you've met Judy." --- Daniel C. Dennett, author of Consciousness Explained, Brainchildren, &c.

" engrossing evening... Real questions about consciousness, freedom to act, the relationship between the creator and the created are woven into a bravura performance." --- Will Stackman,

Sponsored by the Mathematics Society, the Federation of Students, the Arts Student Union, the Graduate Student Association, and the Department of Philosophy. Tickets available at the Humanities box office (888-4908) and the offices of the Psychology Society and the Computer Science Club for $5.50. For more information: