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## Academic Advice
Find a nice group of people that you study well with and meet every once in a while to work on things together,
you can do that generally by asking around via messaging platforms/office hours. To avoid plagiarism, avoid discussing
intricate details of the solution but rather bounce ideas off one another, and leave yourself 30 minutes after the meeting
before you write up a solution
Try to complete your assignments without consulting your notes. It will be very challenging to do if you are not very confident
in the content and is a good indicator that you need to understand the content better! Try to review it again and do the
assignment without referring back to it.
Try to manage your pace when it comes to work. It’s really easy to burn out and lose motivation in the middle to end of the term,
when you need it the most. Give yourself a breather and take breaks!
Assignments can be pretty endless, so make sure you celebrate your small wins. Modularize your tasks and reflect on all the
work you’ve done over a period of time. It’s often much more than you think.