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## Social Advice
If you’re looking to watch movies with friends then you can either buy cheaper (Tuesday prices)
at the Student Life Center or Waterloo has a list of streaming sites where you can watch free movies.
Join different clubs or societies! They’re a great way to make friends and manage your time better.
Plus, it makes going through a school term much more fun.
Take up the opportunities for meeting people. You never know who you might meet. If you don’t put
yourself out there and take chances, it’s much harder to find a relationship, friendships, or even study buddies.
Be kind. Celebrate your friends’ successes when they get a co-op job and support them when they’re struggling
too. Waterloo is so competitive and sometimes it can be hard to navigate through, so make sure you’re giving
and getting a good support network.
Additional Resources
Along with your tuition fees, part of your library fees grant you access to a database of [free movies](
SE servers:
Group Leetcode server:
There are many online resources for interview preparation including and
If you have issues regarding courses, there are MathSoc class representatives who can help voice your concerns to involved faculty members.
Access to eBooks:
More specifically O'Reilly Higher education:
There are a lot of helpful books/videos that can teach you a variety of things from finance to leadership to a variety of cs topics! (With recommendations, case studies and playlist to help you get started)
We have GPUs:
List of math faculty services:
Internship/Interview advice