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Living Laboratories: The Future Computing Environments at Georgia Tech By Blair MacIntyre and Elizabeth Mynatt Mon Oct 18 1999 14:30:00 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) false DC1304

by Blair MacIntyre and Elizabeth Mynatt

The Future Computing Environments (FCE) Group at Georgia Tech is a collection of faculty and students that share a desire to understand the partnership between humans and technology that arises as computation and sensing become ubiquitous. With expertise covering the breadth of Computer Science, but focusing on HCI, Computational Perception, and Machine Learning, the individual research agendas of the FCE faculty are grounded in a number of shared "living laboratories" where their research is applied to everyday life in the classroom (Classroom 2000), the home (the Aware Home), the office (Augmented Offices), and on one's person. Professors MacIntyre and Mynatt will discuss a variety of these projects, with an emphasis on the HCI and Computer Science aspects of the FCE work.

In addition to their affiliation with the FCE group, Professors Mynatt and MacIntyre are both members of the Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center (GVU) at Georgia Tech. This interdisciplinary center brings together research in computer science, psychology, industrial engineering, architecture and media design by examining the role of computation in our everyday lives. During the talk, they will touch on some of the research and educational opportunities available at both GVU and the College of Computing.