Extra archivers for Mailman 3.
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Extra Mailman Archivers

This contains some extra archivers to be used with Mailman 3. Currently there is only one archiver, MonthlyArchiver, which simply gzips each message and stores it in a folder named by the year and month. Each message's file name is a Unix epoch timestamp.

Example directory structure:

\_ monthly_archiver
   \_ mylist@mydomain.com
      \_ 2021-April
         \_ 1617678398.173.mail.gz
         \_ 1617678805.351.mail.gz
      \_ 2021-May
         \_ ...

The motivation behind MonthlyArchiver was to avoid storing thousands of messages in a single directory, which the Prototype archiver currently does since it uses a maildir.


Make sure to have the following packages installed first:

apt install python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-wheel


pip3 install .