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# frozen_string_literal: true
require 'bigbluebutton_api'
namespace :user do
desc "Creates a user account"
task :create, [:name, :email, :password, :role, :provider] => :environment do |_task, args|
u = {
name: args[:name],
password: args[:password],
email: args[:email],
role: args[:role] || "user",
provider: args[:provider] || "greenlight"
if u[:role] == "admin"
# Set default variables
u[:name] = "Administrator" if u[:name].blank?
u[:password] = Rails.configuration.admin_password_default if u[:password].blank?
u[:email] = "" if u[:email].blank?
elsif u[:name].blank? || u[:password].blank? || u[:email].blank?
# Check that all fields exist
puts "Missing Arguments"
# Create the default roles if not already created
Role.create_default_roles(u[:provider]) if Role.where(provider: u[:provider])
unless Role.exists?(name: u[:role], provider: u[:provider])
puts "Invalid Role - Role does not exist"
u[:email].prepend "superadmin-" if args[:role] == "super_admin"
# Create account if it doesn't exist
if User.exists?(email: u[:email], provider: u[:provider])
puts "Account with that email already exists"
puts "Email: #{u[:email]}"
user = User.create(name: u[:name], email: u[:email], password: u[:password],
Merge v2.6-alpha (#1672) * GRN2-xx: Switch the relation between users and roles to make queries cleaner and faster (#1299) * First steps * Fixes in account creation flow * Fixed most testcases * more test fixes * Fixed more test cases * Passing tests and rubocop * Added rake task to remove rooms * Adding translation (#1510) * Update _account.html.erb * Update en.yml * Fix "for" attribute for label elements (#1488) Co-authored-by: Ahmad Farhat <> * Fix some issues reported by LGTM (#1478) * Declare local JavaScript variables (reported by LGTM) Signed-off-by: Stefan Weil <> * Remove unused local JavaScript variable (reported by LGTM) Signed-off-by: Stefan Weil <> * Puma Worker Configuration (#1332) We noticed that the current default settings perform very poorly under load. We managed to literally take down Greenlight during a larger event when people where accessing the landing page for rooms and when doing some tests, I was more or less able to DoS Greenlight on my own. This patch adds a default worker configuration which significantly improves the situation. The small, 4 core machine I was testing on could handle about thrice the amount of requests. While the new default configuration should be reasonably well suited for most deployments, this patch further allows users to easily configure the worker pool on their own in the environment file. * Made name and email readonly for no greenlight accounts (#1534) * Fixed hardcoded string (#1532) * fixed spelling error that was bugging me :) - sep a rat e (#1535) Co-authored-by: Dave Lane <> * Improve Server Rooms View (#1524) * Order rooms by status * Cleaned up order function * Now displays Started/Created/Ended * Added participant count to rooms list * Fix rake task user:create so that users can be created when terms are present (#1565) * Changed user create task to always accept terms * clean up * More secure room ID (#1451) * Legal and privpolicy link (#1421) * add customizable Links to Imprint and Privacy Policy * fix copy&paste error in spec * replace "imprint" with "legal" since that is the correct term * remove german translation of new strings, transifex will take care of them later * GRN2-295:Refactored update profile and update password (#1591) * Refactored update profile and update password * Relowered rubocop settings * Fixed email sending when not supposed to (#1592) * Design changes for small screens (#1580) * now rap for pagination * Update _subtitle.html.erb * Update _rooms.html.erb * Update _recordings.html.erb * Update _rooms.html.erb * Update _users.html.erb * Update cant_create_rooms.html.erb * Update room.js * Update edit.html.erb * Update new.html.erb * Update cant_create_rooms.html.erb * Update _sessions.html.erb * Update _account.html.erb * Make Greenlight work with Ruby 2.7 (#1560) Greenlight's failure to start up with Ruby 2.7 seems to be caused by [an issue in bootsnap]( Updating that library makes Greenlight work again. However, there are still a lot of deprecation warnings. But that's something to deal with separately. This fixes #1558 * use email input for sign in (#1199) * use email input for sign in * use email input for registration * use email input for invitation * use email input for account settings Co-authored-by: Ahmad Farhat <> * Fix Gemfile (#1593) * Fixed invalid token for password reset (#1632) * HELP_URL env variable now works as expected (#1636) * #1372 Fix for long Text in Table + Remove invalid HTML Tag (#1403) * removed invalid HTML Tag * removed invalid HTML Tag * Update _public_recording_row.html.erb * Update _recording_row.html.erb * Update _server_recording_row.html.erb form-inline replaced by own css * Update _server_room_row.html.erb * Update _public_recording_row.html.erb * Update _recording_row.html.erb * Update _public_recording_row.html.erb * Update _recordings.html.erb * Update _rooms.html.erb * Update main.scss fix for long text * Update main.scss * Update _public_recording_row.html.erb * Added more validation on profile image (#1644) * Users who can't create rooms but have shared rooms now have a different view (#1649) * Revert "Puma Worker Configuration (#1332)" (#1667) This reverts commit 78ed8d74601b613af3fd96ccf75a6bada24deddd. * Removed html safe from all flash messages (#1668) * Remove hardcoded guest=true if require mod approval is set (#1669) * Change random generation for room uid (#1670) * GRN2-290: Update gems and update to Rails (#1671) * Update gems and update to Rails * remove gemfile error Co-authored-by: MrKeksi <> Co-authored-by: Florian Weber <> Co-authored-by: Stefan Weil <> Co-authored-by: Lars Kiesow <> Co-authored-by: Dave Lane <> Co-authored-by: Dave Lane <> Co-authored-by: Henning <> Co-authored-by: Marcel Waldvogel <> Co-authored-by: Christian Marg <> Co-authored-by: Klaus <>
2020-05-26 17:37:23 -04:00
provider: u[:provider], email_verified: true, accepted_terms: true)
unless user.valid?
puts "Invalid Arguments"
puts user.errors.messages
2020-05-28 14:27:46 -04:00
Merge v2.7-alpha (#1951) * Fix wrong conditional (reported by LGTM) (#1477) Signed-off-by: Stefan Weil <> Co-authored-by: Ahmad Farhat <> * Bump rack from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3 (#1839) Bumps [rack]( from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3. - [Release notes]( - [Changelog]( - [Commits]( Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <> Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> * [FIX] Unable to edit long recording names #1776 (#1780) * Allow to set a filter for LDAP authentication * [FIX] Unable to edit long recording names #1776 Co-authored-by: François Ménabé <> Co-authored-by: farhatahmad <> * Desgin for Manage Users Tabs (#1777) * Update _subtitle.html.erb * Update _manage_users_tags.html.erb * Update admins.scss * Update _primary_themes.scss * Update _manage_users_tags.html.erb * Minor style changes to manage users (#1845) * Maintenance banner moved to admin site (#1775) * initial * finish * travis fixes * travis again * not required * Co-authored-by: Tobias Fiebig <> (#1296) Co-authored-by: Ahmad Farhat <> * Enhance Room OpenGraph Metadata (#1601) * Revert "Enhance Room OpenGraph Metadata (#1601)" (#1852) This reverts commit 3b007c233ae12e0407f216ae269c63d6179f73b8. * GRN2-xx: Tab title now displays the current page name (#1853) * Tab title now displays the current page name * Added page title for the rest of the pages * Split Site Settings into 3 different tabs (#1858) * Split Site Settings into 3 different tabs * Fix copyright * Added redirect to correct tab * Make sure settings are displaying when they should * Update en.yml (#1857) * Build images for alpha branches (#1867) * Upgraded jquery to latest version (#1896) * Added favicon tag (#1898) * Fixed XSS issue with role name (#1899) * Update path for coloring redirect (#1908) * Added a fourth section to the room uid (#1910) * Fixed issue with insecure room sharing removal (#1914) * Fixes typo (#1917) Fixes typo: successfully was written incorrect. * Fixed order of rooms in server rooms (#1915) * Change default room sort to latest activity (#1919) * GRN2-xx: Small changes/improvements to the recording settings (#1851) * Small changes/improvements to the recording settings * Replaced room warning with info flash * Added global setting to enable/disable the recording consent feature * Replace Legal with Terms (#1931) * Added a more friendly OpenGraph description when invited to join a room (#1932) * Fixed issue causing maintenance banner not to hide correctly (#1933) * Hide recording menu and recording list when it is disabled (#1935) * Hide recording menu and recording list when it is disabled * Hide recording list when disabled * GRN2-xx: Added an auto-refresh after 2 mins while waiting for room to start (#1947) * Added an auto-refresh after 2 mins while waiting for room to start * Fixed random issue with test case * GRN2-xx: Added ability to preupload presentations to rooms (#1895) * Added ability to preupload presentations to rooms (#1868) * Added setting to site settings and allowed admins to change the presentation * Added AWS S3 and GCS Storage ENV variables * Added check to ensure file extension is correct * Added icon to remove presentation * Added testcases for preupload * Add nginx redirect to solve issue with relative root * Record title, instead of room name, in the popup (#1924) * Update _public_recording_row.html.erb * Update _recording_row.html.erb Co-authored-by: Stefan Weil <> Co-authored-by: dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> Co-authored-by: beckerr-rzht <> Co-authored-by: François Ménabé <> Co-authored-by: MrKeksi <> Co-authored-by: yanosz <> Co-authored-by: Moritz Schlarb <> Co-authored-by: chronikum <> Co-authored-by: Mitsutaka Sato <> Co-authored-by: hiroshisuga <>
2020-07-29 11:03:22 -04:00
puts "Account successfully created."
puts "Email: #{u[:email]}"
puts "Password: #{u[:password]}"
puts "Role: #{u[:role]}"
puts "PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY" if u[:password] == Rails.configuration.admin_password_default