10 Commits (v2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ahmad Farhat 7c547c36ec
Removed old travis stuff (#2531) 2 years ago
Ahmad Farhat dbba634dfd
Added rubocop and rspec check to Github actions (#2490) 2 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 4deefdfee9
Docker ignore new security policy (#2062) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat feccee7d62
GRN2-164: Switched the default database to Postgres (#952) 3 years ago
farhatahmad 8b2c472536 GRN2-211: Added a maintenance mode (#675) 4 years ago
bruckwubete 512892a6bc Adding Jenkinsfile to dockerignore 5 years ago
Joshua Arts 8089decc17 ignore bundler files 5 years ago
Joshua Arts e2ad6e7715 make upgrading from 1.0 easier 5 years ago
Josh 939820bffb minor styling and fixes 5 years ago
Josh 78976f3f51 add Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml 5 years ago