15 Commits (v2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mohamad Abras 85088535d8
make rubocop target Ruby 2.7 (#2671) 2 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 09ab074aaf
Complete refactor of Gemfile and upgraded gems (#2553) 2 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 51824ad84b
Merge v2.6-alpha (#1672) 3 years ago
farhatahmad 2b9ab05e1e Fixed signin bug 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 49def8f405 GRN2-247: Added Active Pending Banned Deleted tabs to manage users (#816) 4 years ago
Ahmad Farhat b590a5a264 GRN2-xx: Added fallback language to locales (#788) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 720dac6012 GRN2-6: Added the ability for admins to specify registration method (#520) 4 years ago
farhatahmad a0c99dde47 Updated rubocop and fixed issues (#490) 4 years ago
jfederico bc57caa806 Updated rubocop gem 4 years ago
jfederico 63a6cdb28b Removed rubocop.yml so the default is loaded 4 years ago
Jesus Federico bba42bb708
Update .rubocop.yml 4 years ago
Jesus Federico c5b5d1e445
Update .rubocop.yml 4 years ago
Jesus Federico b15868fb3c
GRN-80: Allow local accounts on multitenant (#428) 4 years ago
Joshua Arts 6b118ce933 exclude vendor from rubocop 5 years ago
Josh d2a677d15f add rubocop config 5 years ago