13 Commits (v2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ahmad Farhat 74cb620b1c
Upgrade to Rails 5.2.5 (#2638) 2 years ago
Martin Beckmann 760b80ae9a
Update Dockerfile (#2620) 2 years ago
Jesus Federico 1a625c70ad
GRN2-XX: Updated main script for CI and Dockerfile (#2614) 2 years ago
Lars Kiesow c5b00e89aa
Update to Ruby 2.7 (#2292) 2 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 42e6e4f235 GRN2-241: Moved assets precompile to start script (#927) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 734f7a757e GRN2-241: Switched Docker base image to Alpine (#853) 3 years ago
Jinesh 7c20decafe altered build steps to utilize the cloud build cache (#728) 3 years ago
shawn-higgins1 2c37f87cbc Fix the dockerfile for the new version of rails (#658) 3 years ago
shawn-higgins1 ccbd46f045 Improve container build: GRN2-156 (#582) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico a0a99b34c2
GRN2-159: Changed the inception of the version tag (#574) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico f5c33e9306
GRN2-159: Changed the inception of the version tag (#573) 4 years ago
bruckwubete 407e8ee13c made omniauth-bn-launcher public 4 years ago
Joshua Arts e2ad6e7715 make upgrading from 1.0 easier 4 years ago
bruckwubete 930ed809f5 pass github token as runtime arg 4 years ago
bruckwubete 3bb0c26f33 clean up for PR 4 years ago
bruckwubete e3e32365d0 able to handle launcher login 5 years ago
Josh 78976f3f51 add Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml 5 years ago