3 Commits (v2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ahmad Farhat 09ab074aaf
Complete refactor of Gemfile and upgraded gems (#2553) 2 years ago
Moritz Schlarb 3b7b45cc03
Refine OpenID Connect Authentication from #1194 (#1399) 2 years ago
farhatahmad fd6077696d GRN2-180: First stages of refactoring code for v2.4 (#748) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 89f36c1766 GRN2-224: Added event logs and production caching (#739) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 b23f94dfb5 Single sign on for super admins (#648) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 8c63f793a5 Reduce number of roles queries for the admin controller (#631) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 85da83f8b0 Fix office365 if hd environment variable isn't set (#629) 4 years ago
farhatahmad ea759d551c GRN2-195: Fixed issues with turbolinks caching (#626) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 bc78feb0bd Fix spelling error (#623) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 2a96269d44 GRN2-175: Update Greenlight to work with the new launcher (#614) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 fc18976b6d GRN2-107: Add office365 auth (#616) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 40b05b1626 GRN2-155: Begin preparing for removal of Twitter accounts (#615) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 2e064de0a9 GRN2-xx: Fixed minor issues related to deletes (#506) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 9f74b0e2c0
Admin panel (#496) 4 years ago
farhatahmad a0c99dde47 Updated rubocop and fixed issues (#490) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 4896133d58 Added signup_url to list of urls not to redirect to (#481) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico c8a799bce8
HOT-FIX: Issue with changes with the language file name (#466) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 5ff41d0590
Allow multiple as host_url (#465) 4 years ago
farhatahmad a14007743f Users are redirected to the url they clicked login/signup from (#446) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 2b0301da38
GRN-93: Fix for issue with excesive requests to LB (#447) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico b15868fb3c
GRN-80: Allow local accounts on multitenant (#428) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 37af17fae1
Revert "Redirecting the user to the referrer on login success/fail (#374)" (#389) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 404134aa8d Redirecting the user to the referrer on login success/fail (#374) 4 years ago
John Ma efa9e08dfc Fixed #318 Allow multiple domains when using Google as OAuth provider (GRN-38) (#319) 5 years ago
John Ma 967c805836 Fixed #267 Email verification feature (#268) 5 years ago
Joshua Arts 162c7a3085 add LGPL 3.0 headers 5 years ago
bruckwubete e60407378a gix rubocop offense 5 years ago
bruckwubete 5f6d70f751 redirect to https in prod 5 years ago
bruckwubete 91644281c4 fixing rubocop errors 5 years ago
bruckwubete 137b8450a8 adding checksum. using customer name as the provider 5 years ago
bruckwubete 67c32a396f passing params to the launcher gem 5 years ago
Josh ad5f218f23 adhere to rubocop guidelines 5 years ago
Josh c16197670b add ability to configure terms and conditions 5 years ago
Josh ede80075c1 redo rooms page 5 years ago
joshua-arts 79d63e7b70 settings and sessions UI 5 years ago
Josh 0f8a4734b2 add lb option 5 years ago
Josh 4037b6304e initial commit 5 years ago