73 Commits (v2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Kai af638ca43d
Added parameter for log level (#2546) 2 years ago
zimmersi ba0ec6ba71
enable SMTPS: SMTP over direct TLS connection (#2485) 2 years ago
Max Erenberg d617a300ac add Debian packaging files 2 years ago
Jesus Federico 44abc0e91e
GRN2-XX: Patch to overcome performance issues with the database. (#2454) 2 years ago
Tobias Gall 8c9535b0ec
Increase Database pool size (#2445) 2 years ago
Moritz Schlarb 3b7b45cc03
Refine OpenID Connect Authentication from #1194 (#1399) 2 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 07557f45dc
Added env variable to set the default language (#2147) 3 years ago
Lars Kiesow 4286864263
Puma Worker Configuration (#1701) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat b89cbfad03
ENABLE_SSL is now defaulted to true for new installations (#2121) 3 years ago
Jordi Molina 5a38ae488e
Allow customization of test email recipient (#2107) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat f992f76ae1
Set default cable adapter to postgres (#2096) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 60cf5f7440
Merge v2.7-alpha (#1951) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat cf794db595
Added ability to map attributes for LDAP (#1779) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat a61b96289e
Updated sample env for SMTP setting (#1736) 3 years ago
LifeEncrypter b297fdfbaf
Added optional SMTP_OPENSSL_VERIFY_MODE (#1703) 3 years ago
Jesus Federico 7411eba8e0
GRN2-xx: Added port to database configuration (#1550) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 6fc402e40b
GRN2-xx: Added SAFE_HOSTS env variable to block unknown hosts (#1543) 3 years ago
François Ménabé 8049ddbd01
Allow to set a filter for LDAP authentication (#1306) 3 years ago
Lars Kiesow 10ef20363a
Additional LDAP Authentication Methods (#1287) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat da82867abe
Remove report issue from being included automatically (#1257) 3 years ago
Klaus 21cb768fc4
make help link configurable (#1161) 3 years ago
Justin Byrne 3eead129c9
Updated documentation urls (#1021) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat 3e7fb7ecc2
GRN2-xx: Added option to specify different redirect url for google auth (#1016) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat feccee7d62
GRN2-164: Switched the default database to Postgres (#952) 3 years ago
Ahmad Farhat e13e762349 GRN2-243: Added a report issue button to the 500 error page (#796) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 9ddc057589 Added a Maintenance Window flash (#758) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 96ace3265e Added Google Analytics (#749) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 1256554ce6 Configurable default registration (#733) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 973c95339c Added All Join as Moderator room setting (#696) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 403a7c4e40 GRN2-xx: Removed readonly maintenance mode (#699) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 79188a6cae Add support for roles (#656) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 0934919e44 GRN2-206: Remove support for the flash client Fixes(#654) (#661) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 7b96d5ae41 Add room setting to require moderator approval (#660) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 d3a9ae32a9 GRN2-202: Create a room in which everyone joins as Moderator (Fixed #628) (#650) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 02c0d577f8 Added an env variable that allows maitenance mode (#679) 4 years ago
farhatahmad ad2321e3e9 Update sample.env with the correct links (#637) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 fc18976b6d GRN2-107: Add office365 auth (#616) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 e153528fcc GRN2-162: Revert to sqlite in docker compose (#594) 4 years ago
shawn-higgins1 ccbd46f045 Improve container build: GRN2-156 (#582) 4 years ago
jfederico e1fc628202 Add settings for postgres 4 years ago
farhatahmad 720dac6012 GRN2-6: Added the ability for admins to specify registration method (#520) 4 years ago
Rafael Baldasso Audibert d8f6c3f872 Added Google calendar button (#429) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 75f48f4979 GRN2-125: Added a configurable reCAPTCHA on sign up (#502) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 9f74b0e2c0
Admin panel (#496) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 2b0301da38
GRN-93: Fix for issue with excesive requests to LB (#447) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 57aa72ecee
GRN-73: Added settings for externalizing logs (#441) 4 years ago
farhatahmad c0b46be547 Added fix for multitenant error (#394) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 3195bb4429 GRN-59: Implemented pagination on the API call (#370) 4 years ago
farhatahmad 9c23c88735 Added a env variable to toggle visibilty of the customize tab in user settings (#369) 4 years ago
farhatahmad d24e8fad14 Added the ability to choose which room settings are available using env variable (#363) 4 years ago