11 Commits (v2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ahmad Farhat 51824ad84b
Merge v2.6-alpha (#1672) 3 years ago
farhatahmad e90ca9cf48 Rspec and rubocop fixes 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 2b0301da38
GRN-93: Fix for issue with excesive requests to LB (#447) 4 years ago
farhatahmad c60e25f71c GRN-56: Correctly implemented the account verification flow (#367) 4 years ago
John Ma 967c805836 Fixed #267 Email verification feature (#268) 5 years ago
John Ma d83ec1a027 Fix #260 issues with privacy policy (#261) 5 years ago
Joshua Arts 162c7a3085 add LGPL 3.0 headers 5 years ago
Joshua Arts 1acf901c68 finish controller tests 5 years ago
Josh ad5f218f23 adhere to rubocop guidelines 5 years ago
Josh 086a39ca3d rework tests 5 years ago
Josh f189c98c56 add rspec tests 5 years ago