26 Commits (9b2424cde054805a698d5d38eb20ffa7a3e02173)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jesus Federico 9b2424cde0
GRN2-112: Default language fallback fails with a 500 error (#469) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico c8a799bce8
HOT-FIX: Issue with changes with the language file name (#466) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 2b0301da38
GRN-93: Fix for issue with excesive requests to LB (#447) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico b15868fb3c
GRN-80: Allow local accounts on multitenant (#428) 4 years ago
John Ma b3f37cd3b3 Fixed #323 Allow users to select a language in settings (GRN-17) (#324) 4 years ago
bruckwubete 317e6e8cc5 update to add github trigger 5 years ago
Joshua Arts 81d460f1c2 fix before_filter deprecation warning 5 years ago
Joshua Arts 0cf5baddb2 add option to disable recording thumbnails 5 years ago
bruckwubete 0d252add03 linting 5 years ago
bruckwubete 66ff9c7a2f fix force ssl logic for lb configuration 5 years ago
Joshua Arts 162c7a3085 add LGPL 3.0 headers 5 years ago
Joshua Arts d6aee4d2d1 bump max name length to 32 characters 5 years ago
Joshua Arts c5cfc621ca localize controllers 5 years ago
Joshua Arts 55b83226c9 detect users preferred language 5 years ago
Joshua Arts e2ad6e7715 make upgrading from 1.0 easier 5 years ago
bruckwubete 3bb0c26f33 clean up for PR 5 years ago
Joshua Arts dcf199c0aa fix chat join message 5 years ago
bruckwubete e3e32365d0 able to handle launcher login 5 years ago
Josh ad5f218f23 adhere to rubocop guidelines 5 years ago
Josh c16197670b add ability to configure terms and conditions 5 years ago
Josh ad7aaa1a11 dynamically select websocket protocol 5 years ago
Josh e1eca134fc minor fixes 5 years ago
Josh 2b065eb7fa handle errors and fix join form 5 years ago
Josh 4f70c9a8e5 validate passwords and fix home 5 years ago
Josh 32ec2bacce restructure app 5 years ago
Josh 6cdcd89387 reworking routes 5 years ago
Josh 1ddc3172eb one meeting per room 5 years ago
Josh 0f8a4734b2 add lb option 5 years ago
Josh 4037b6304e initial commit 5 years ago