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Jesus Federico 9b2424cde0
GRN2-112: Default language fallback fails with a 500 error (#469) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico c8a799bce8
HOT-FIX: Issue with changes with the language file name (#466) 4 years ago
transifex-integration[bot] d43229af7e Translate /config/locales/en.yml in es (#457) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 5ba5b663ac
GRN-86: Change the way the locales are handled (#417) 4 years ago
Jesus Federico 6e0b232c3e
Updated locales (#402) 4 years ago
John Ma b3f37cd3b3 Fixed #323 Allow users to select a language in settings (GRN-17) (#324) 4 years ago
jfederico 7190779abb Added Spanish translation 5 years ago