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zechmeister 9dc59b1211
Add optional moderator codes (#2413) 2 years ago
farhatahmad fd6077696d GRN2-180: First stages of refactoring code for v2.4 (#748) 3 years ago
shawn-higgins1 7d1c9e87a9 Allow rooms to have an optional access code (#646) 4 years ago
Joshua Arts 162c7a3085 add LGPL 3.0 headers 5 years ago
Joshua Arts ce4c8b3bff localize views 5 years ago
Josh 7fadd6be69 seperate js in files 5 years ago
Josh 83642f22c1 minor fixes 5 years ago
Josh 657feb777f signup and room waiting 5 years ago
Josh 1ddc3172eb one meeting per room 5 years ago
Josh e6d01ef1b9 implement wait for moderator 5 years ago
Josh 4037b6304e initial commit 5 years ago