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Jesus Federico 2b0301da38
GRN-93: Fix for issue with excesive requests to LB (#447)
* Fix for issue with excesive requests to lb

* Fixed issue with rspec on users not passing when run alone

* Include dotenv in production
2019-04-10 10:12:32 -04:00
Jesus Federico b15868fb3c
GRN-80: Allow local accounts on multitenant (#428)
* Changed the way the omniauth providers are declared

* Allow local authentication for multitenant mode based on customer settings

* Cleanead up code mandated by rubocop

* Completed implementation for signin and added the one for signup

* Fixed issue with rubocop

* Renamed customer_name to lb_user

* Renamed lb_user -> user_domain, fixed issue with signup controller, email verification WAS NOT implemented

* Completed implementation of email_verification

* Fixed rubocop issue

* Final update

* Fix for test with loadbalancer

* Make sure loadbalancer mockup is only used when env defined

* Fix for test on rooms_controller

* Fixed most of the test failing on multitenant env

* Fixed issue detected by rubocop

* Fixed issue with activation tockens not working on resend

* Fixed new issue found by rubocop

* Updated travis script

* Harcoded credentials for mockup

* Updated expectation on start_session

* Fixed issue with duplication of home room

* Updated script for rubocop

* Restored Gemfile
2019-04-05 14:54:36 -04:00