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Moritz Schlarb 3b7b45cc03
Refine OpenID Connect Authentication from #1194 (#1399)
* Adds OpenID Connect.

* Add CSS class for openid_connect omniauth provider

* Add translation (de_DE and en) for openid_connect omniauth provider label

* Make uid_field configurable for openid_connect omniauth provider

* updates to support for openid

* updates to support for openid

* updated ldap gem

* updated sample.env

Co-authored-by: mapidentity <>
Co-authored-by: Jesus Federico <>
Co-authored-by: mapidentity <>
2021-01-07 15:11:17 -05:00
farhatahmad fd6077696d GRN2-180: First stages of refactoring code for v2.4 (#748)
* Email rescues and authenticator concern

* Application controller and helper clean up

* Moved controller code out of helpers

* More helper and email clean up

* Cleaned up remaining helpers and create omniauth_options

* Controller code clean up

* restructured views structure

* Restructured role code

* Restructured profile and code clean up

* Master merge

* Added bbb server concern to deal with bbb calls

* Bug fixes and changes after changes

* rspec

* More rubocop fixes
2019-09-19 10:03:44 -04:00