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# Greenlight
![Docker Pulls](
Greenlight is a simple front-end interface for your BigBlueButton server. At its heart, Greenlight provides a minimalistic web-based application that allows users to:
* Signup/Login with Google, Office365, OpenID Connect, or through the application itself.
* Manage your account settings and user preferences.
* Create and manage your own personal rooms ([BigBlueButton]( sessions).
* Invite others to your room using a simple URL.
* View recordings and share them with others.
Interested? Try Greenlight out on our [demo server](!
Greenlight is also completely configurable. This means you can turn on/off features to make Greenlight fit your specific use case. For more information on Greenlight and its features, see our [documentation](
For a overview of how Greenlight works, checkout our Introduction to Greenlight Video:
[![GreenLight Overview](](
## Installation on a BigBlueButton Server
Greenlight is designed to work on a [BigBlueButton 2.0]( (or later) server.
For information on installing Greenlight, checkout our [Installing Greenlight on a BigBlueButton Server]( documentation.
## Source Code & Contributing
Greenlight is built using Ruby on Rails. Many developers already know Rails well, and we wanted to create both a full front-end to BigBlueButton but also a reference implementation of how to fully leverage the [BigBlueButton API](
We invite you to build upon Greenlight and help make it better. See [Contributing to BigBlueButton](
We invite your feedback, questions, and suggests about Greenlight too. Please post them to the [Greenlight mailing list](!forum/bigbluebutton-greenlight).
To help with organization and consistency, we have implemented a Pull Request template that must be used for all Pull Requests. This template helps ensure that the project maintainers can review all PRs in a timely manner. When creating a Pull Request, please provide as much information as possible.