Fork of with Debian packaging.
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Mohamad Abras 25254ce47c
fix wihtespace, tabs to spaces (#2683)
2 years ago
assets Optimize space between icon and text in navigation (#2672) 2 years ago
channels GRN2-xx: Removed unnecessary log lines (#930) 3 years ago
controllers Fix bug that caused room edit to clear settings (#2649) 2 years ago
helpers use rails action_name & controller_name methods (#2666) 2 years ago
jobs add LGPL 3.0 headers 5 years ago
mailers Added valid until text to invite email (#2599) 2 years ago
models GRN2-xx: Small improvements to moderator access code (#2582) 2 years ago
views fix wihtespace, tabs to spaces (#2683) 2 years ago