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# BigBlueButton open source conferencing system -
# Copyright (c) 2018 BigBlueButton Inc. and by respective authors (see below).
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
# terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software
# Foundation; either version 3.0 of the License, or (at your option) any later
# version.
# BigBlueButton is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
# WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
# PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along
# with BigBlueButton; if not, see <>.
# Locale.
accepted_terms: "Terms and Conditions"
email: Email
name: Name
password: Password
password_confirmation: Password Confirmation
confirmation: doesn't match Password
disabled: Disabled
enabled: Enabled
info: Only allow authenticated users to join a room
title: Require Authentication for Rooms
user-info: You must sign in above to join this room.
change: Change Image
info: Change the branding image that appears in the top left corner
placeholder: Image Url...
title: Branding Image
invalid: Invalid URL
change: Change URL
info: Change the Terms Link that appears in the bottom of the page
placeholder: Terms URL...
title: Terms
invalid: Invalid URL
change: Change URL
info: Change the Privacy Policy Link that appears in the bottom of the page
placeholder: Privacy Policy URL...
title: Privacy Policy
invalid: Invalid URL
info: Clears the stored provider cache which forces a new request for the updated info
title: Clear Provider Cache
button: Clear Cache
info: Clears the current authenticator for users allowing them to sign back in using a different authentication method
title: Clear Current Authenticator
button: Clear Auth
info: Changing the Regular Color will change both Lighten and Darken. Lighten and Darken can then be changed individually
title: Primary Color
regular: Regular
lighten: Lighten
darken: Darken
info: Map the user to a role using their email. Must be in the format email1=role1,email2=role2
title: Role Mapping by Email
title: Log Level
information: Change the Log Level for the entire deployment
debug: Debug
info: Info
warn: Warn
error: Error
fatal: Fatal
unknown: Unknown
info: Set the default recording visbility for new recordings
title: Recording Default Visibility
warning: This setting will only be applied to rooms that aren't running
info: This setting enables a room setting that allows room owners to specify which rooms can be recorded. Users joining a recorded room must consent before joining.
title: Require Room Owner and Joiner Consent to Recording
info: Displays a Banner to inform the user of a scheduled maintenance
title: Maintenance Banner
display: Set
clear: Clear
time: "Example: Update scheduled on December 13 @ 23:00 ET. Users may experience problems signing in."
info: Users can preupload a presentation to be used as the default presentation for that specific room
title: Allow Users to Preupload Presentations
info: Change the way that users register to the website
title: Registration Method
approval: Approve/Decline
invite: Join by Invitation
open: Open Registration
info: Limits the number of rooms that a user can have (including Home Room). This setting does not apply to administrators.
title: Number of Rooms per User
info: Setting to disabled will remove the button from the Room options dropdown, preventing users from sharing rooms
title: Allow Users to Share Rooms
info: "With valid moderator codes, users can join a room as a moderator without having to create an account and receive access individually. The setting can be made separately for each room."
title: Enables the generation of moderator codes
enabled: Enabled
disabled: Disabled
subtitle: Customize Greenlight
appearance: Appearance
administration: Administration
registration: Registration
settings: Settings
title: Site Settings
approved: User has been successfully approved.
banned: User has been successfully banned.
unbanned: User has been successfully unbanned.
delete: User deleted successfully
delete_fail: Failed to delete user
demoted: User has been successfully demoted
invite: Invite successfully sent to %{email}
invite_email_verification: Emails must be enabled in order to use this method. Please contact your system administrator.
merge_fail: There was an issue merging the user accounts. Please check the users selected and try again
merge_success: User accounts merged successfully
perm_deleted: User has been permanently deleted
promoted: User has been successfully promoted
registration_method_updated: Registration method successfully updated
reset_password: The user has been sent an email to reset their password. (Please ask them to check their spam folder if they haven't received it)
restored: User has been successfully restored
room_configuration: Room Configuration successfully changed
settings: Site Settings successfully changed
unauthorized: You are not authorized to perform actions on this user
latest: Latest Recordings
title: Server Recordings
no_recordings: This server has no recordings.
search_info: Enter a user's full email or a room's uid
appear_in_share_list: Include users with this role in the dropdown for sharing rooms
can_create_rooms: Can create rooms
delete: Delete the role
invalid_create: There was a problem creating a new role. Please check the role values and try again
invalid_order: There was a problem updating the priority of the role. Please check the values and try again
invalid_update: There was a problem updating the permissions of the role. Please check the values and try again
manage_rooms_recordings: Allow users with this role to manage server rooms and recordings
name: Role Name
new_role: Create a new role
role_has_users: This role is assigned to %{user_count} accounts. Please remove all accounts from this role before deleting it.
title: Roles
promote_email: Send an email to users when they are assigned this role
demote_email: Send an email to users when they are removed from this role
edit_site_settings: Allow users with this role to edit site settings
edit_roles: Allow users with this role to edit other roles
manage_users: Allow users with this role to manage users
invalid_assignment: There was a problem assigning the roles to the user. Please check the values and try again
title: Role Colour
info: Set the colour that will be associated with the role
title: Room Configuration
info: Automatically mutes the user when they join the BigBlueButton meeting
info: Prompts the moderator of the BigBlueButton meeting when a user tries to join. If the user is approved, they will be able to join the meeting.
info: Allows any user to start the meeting at any time. By default, only the room owner can start the meeting.
info: Gives all users moderator privileges in BigBlueButton when they join the meeting.
info: Allows room owners to specify whether they want the option to record a room or not. If enabled, the moderator must still click the "Record" button once the meeting has started.
disabled: Disabled
enabled: Always Enabled
optional: Optional
timeout: Due to the %{server} Server request timing out, the information for status and participants may not be accurate
title: Server Rooms
ended: "Ended: %{session}"
id: ID
not_running: Not Running
participants: Participants
running: Running
started: "Started: %{session}"
status: Status
view: View
title: Organization Settings
invite: Invite User
title: Edit User Details
approve: Approve
decline: Decline
ban: Ban User
delete: Delete
edit: Edit
edit_roles: Edit the user roles
merge: Merge
perm_delete: Permanently Delete
unban: Unban User
undelete: Undelete
authenticator: Authenticator
created: Created
time: Time Sent
name: Name
not_found: No users match your search
no_users: No users found
role: Role
uid: User ID
username: Username
valid: Valid
title: Manage Users
add_to_google_calendar: "Add to Google Calendar"
bigbluebutton: BigBlueButton
bigbluebutton_exception: Oops, there was an error when starting the meeting!
cancel: Cancel
cookie_info: Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.
cookie_button: I Agree
copied: Copied
copy: Copy
month_names: [~, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December]
default_admin: You are still using the default password for this account. Please click <a href="%{edit_link}">here</a> to change it
delete: Delete
delivery_error: An error occured during email delivery. Please contact an administrator!
docs: Documentation
email: Email
email_sent: Your %{email_type} email has been sent! (Please check your Spam folder if you haven't received it)
enter_your_name: Enter your name!
help: Please make sure the proper steps have been taken. <a href="%{doc_link}">Learn more</a>
message: Invalid BigBlueButton Endpoint and Secret
title: Server Error
message: Looks like something went wrong on our end.
help: The error has been logged, we'll take a look!
report: Report Issue
message: Sorry, we're down for maintenance.
help: We'll be back soon!
contact_admin: If you are not an administrator, please contact one.
continue: I'd like to stay using 1.0.
notice: >
Greenlight encountered a database migration error.<br>
This may be because you haven't updated to Greenlight 2.0.
upgrade: Show me how to upgrade to 2.0!
version: We've released a new version of Greenlight, but your database isn't compatible.
blank: can't be blank
too_short: is too short
invalid: is invalid
taken: has already been taken
accepted: must be accepted
confirmation: doesn't match %{attribute}
inclusion: is not included in the list
message: The site you are trying to access is not enabled
help: Please contact your system administrator to setup Greenlight
message: Sorry! The page you are looking for does not exist.
help: Is it possible its been removed?
help: Please contact an administrator.
message: Sorry, this user is not registered.
help: Please verify the URL and try again
message: The URL that you have entered is not valid.
title: Errors
message: You do not have access to this application
help: If you believe this is a mistake, please contact your system administrator.
expired_reset_token: Password reset link has expired!
title: Features
rooms: Personalized Rooms
recordings: Recording Management
designs: Custom Designs
authentication: User Authentication
legal: Terms
privpolicy: Privacy Policy
powered_by: Powered by %{href}.
subtitle: Forgot Password
email: Email
submit: Submit
go_back: Go back
greenlight: Greenlight
all_recordings: All Recordings
account_settings: Organization
help: Need help?
home: Home
settings: Profile
signout: Sign out
home_room: Home Room
info_update_success: Information successfully updated.
invalid_credentials: The email and password you entered did not match our records. Try again or click Forgot Password to reset your password.
invalid_login_method: Login failed due to account mismatch. You need to log in with omniauth.
invite_message: "To invite someone to the meeting, send them this link:"
subject: 'has invited you to view a recording.'
body: 'To view the recording, follow the link below:'
autogenerated: 'This e-mail is auto-generated by BigBlueButton.'
footer: 'BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system. For more information on BigBlueButton, see'
start: Start searching...
about: "%{href} is a simple front-end for your BigBlueButton open-source web conferencing server. You can create your own rooms to host sessions, or join others using a short and convenient link."
welcome: Welcome to BigBlueButton.
video: Watch our tutorial on using Greenlight
upgrade: Show me how to upgrade to 2.0!
version: We've released a new version of Greenlight, but your database isn't compatible.
language_default: Default (browser language)
ldap_error: Unable to connect to the LDAP server. Please check your LDAP configuration in the env file and ensure your server is running.
login: Sign in
login_title: Sign in to your account
info: Your account has been approved.
signin: To access your personal rooms, click the button below and sign in.
signin_link: Sign In
info: A new user has signed up to use Greenlight.
more-info: To allow this user to access Greenlight you must approve their account in organization settings.
admins_link: Visit the Organization Page
subject: New Greenlight User Sign Up
username: The user signed up with the name %{name} and the email %{email}.
subject: Account Approved
username: Your username is %{email}.
info: You are no longer an %{role} on %{url}.
more-info: You now have the same privileges as a regular user.
root_link: Sign In
subtitle: "%{role} Rights Rescinded"
info: You have been invited to your own personal space by %{name}
signup_info: To signup using your email, click the button below and follow the steps.
signup_link: Sign Up
info: A user that was invited has signed up to use Greenlight.
admins_link: Visit the Organization Page
subject: New Greenlight User Sign Up
username: The user signed up with the name %{name} and the email %{email}.
subject: Invitation to join BigBlueButton
username: Your username is %{email}.
title: 'Password reset'
welcome: A password reset has been requested for the email <b>%{email}</b>
message: 'If you requested this reset, then please click the link below to reset your password:'
reset_link: Reset Password
expire: This link will expire in two hours.
ignore: You can safely ignore this email if you did not make this request.
admins_link: Visit the Organization Page
info: You are now an %{role} on %{url}.
more-info: To view your new abilities please visit %{url}.
subtitle: "%{role} Rights Granted"
welcome: Welcome to your personal space, %{name}!
success: Leveraging %{bigbluebutton}, you can create your own rooms to host sessions and collaborate with others.
username: Your username is %{email}.
verify: To verify your account, just click the button below.
verify_text: 'To verify your account, just follow this link: %{url}'
verify_link: Verify Account
thanks: Thanks for joining and have a great day!
max_concurrent: The maximum number of concurrent sessions allowed has been reached!
merged: Merged
create: Create a new Role
footer_text: You can edit the individual permissions for this role after you've created it
name_placeholder: Enter a role name...
not_blank: Role name cannot be blank.
title: Create New Role
access_code: Access Code
moderator_access_code: Moderator Code
access_code_placeholder: Generate an optional room access code
moderator_access_code_placeholder: Generate an optional code for moderators
auto_join: Automatically join me into the room
create: Create Room
free_delete: You will be free to delete this room at any time.
name_placeholder: Enter a room name...
not_blank: Room name cannot be blank.
title: Create New Room
confirm: Are you sure you want to delete this account?
delete: I'm sure, delete this account.
keep: Actually, I'll keep it.
delete_warning: This will deactivate the user's account. All deactived users can be found under the deleted tab.
warning: This decision is final. You will <b>not</b> be able to recover associated data.
delete: I'm sure, delete this recording.
header: Are you sure you want to delete this recording?
warning: You will <b>not</b> be able to recover this recording
confirm: Are you sure you want to delete %{room}?
delete: I'm sure, delete this room.
keep: On second thought, I'll keep it.
warning: You will <b>not</b> be able to recover this room
recording_warning: or any of its %{recordings_num} associated recordings.
email_placeholder: Enter the users' emails (separated by commas)
footer: The user will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up
send: Send Invite
title: Invite User
or: or
with: Sign in with %{provider}
forgot_password: Forgot Password?
change: Replace Presentation
choose: Choose a file...
current: "Current Presentation:"
footer: Depending on the size of the presentation, it may require additional time to upload before it can be used.
invalid: Invalid size/file type. Please see the restrictions below.
title: Add Presentation
use: Use Presentation
title: Are you sure you want to remove this room from your room list?
delete: I'm sure, remove this room.
warning: You will <b>not</b> be able to access this room anymore.
title: Room Settings
update: Update Room
client: Select client type
join_moderator: All users join as moderators
mute: Mute users when they join
require_approval: Require moderator approval before joining
start: Allow any user to start this meeting
footer_text: Adjustment to your room can be done at anytime.
recording: Allow room to be recorded
name_placeholder: Enter a new room name...
footer: Sharing a room with a user allows them to start the room and view the room's recordings
list: Shared With
title: Share Room Access
save: Save Changes
cancel_changes: Cancel Changes
select: Select User
cancel: Cancel
from: Account to be Merged
title: Merge User Accounts
to: Primary Account
save: Merge
footer: The rooms of the account to be merged will be transfered over to the Primary Account's room list and then the account will be deleted.
name_update_success: Room name successfully changed!
no_user_email_exists: There is no existing user with the email specified. Please make sure you typed it correctly.
omniauth_error: An error occured while authenticating with omniauth. Please try again or contact an administrator!
omniauth_specific_error: "%{error} occured while authenticating with omniauth. Please try again or contact an administrator!"
prev: "&lsaquo; Prev"
next: "Next &rsaquo;"
gap: "&hellip;"
password: Password
password_empty_notice: Password cannot be empty.
password_reset_success: Password has been reset.
password_different_notice: Password Confirmation does not match.
google: Google
office365: Office 365
twitter: Twitter
ldap: LDAP
openid_connect: OpenID Connect
recaptcha_unreachable: Oops, we failed to validate your reCAPTCHA response. Please try again.
verification_failed: reCAPTCHA verification failed, please try again.
all_recordings: All Recordings
email: Email Recording
error: There was an error retrieving %{count} recording(s)
no_recordings: This room has no %{inject}recordings.
no_user_recordings: You currently have no recordings.
no_matched_recordings: No %{inject} recordings match your search.
recorded_on: Recorded on %{date}
name: Name
thumbnails: Thumbnails
length: Length
users: Users
visibility: Visibility
formats: Formats
public: Public
unlisted: Unlisted
notes: Notes
podcast: Podcast
presentation: Presentation
statistics: Statistics
video: Video
fail: Your account has not been approved yet. If multiples days have passed since you signed up, please contact your administrator.
signup: Your account was successfully created. It has been sent to an administrator for approval.
fail: You do not have access to this application. If you believe this is a mistake, please contact your administrator.
new_signin: Select a new login method for you account. All your rooms from your old account will be migrated to the new account
twitter_signin: Signing in via Twitter has been deprecated and will be removed in the next release. Click <a href="%{link}"> here </a> to move your account to a new authentication method
twitter_signup: Sign up via Twitter has been deprecated. Please use a different sign up method
merge_success: Successfully merged your twitter account with your new account. Your old twitter account has been deleted
fail: Your token is either invalid or has expired. If you believe this is a mistake, please contact your administrator.
no_invite: You do not have an invitation to join. Please contact your administrator to receive one.
remove: Remove
rename: Rename
captcha: reCAPTCHA verification failed, please try again.
invalid_token: Password reset token is invalid. Please try resetting your password again.
subtitle: Reset Password
password: New Password
confirm: New Password Confirmation
update: Update Password
auth_change: The authentication method has changed. Please check your email to set your password.
active: Active
admin: Admin
banned: Banned
deleted: Deleted
pending: Pending
user: User
access_code_required: Please enter a valid access code to join the room
add_presentation: Add Presentation
copy_access: Copy Access Code
copy_moderator_access: Copy Moderator Code
create_room: Create a Room
create_room_error: There was an error creating the room
create_room_success: Room created successfully
home_room: Can't delete user's Home Room
success: Room deleted successfully
fail: Failed to delete room (%{error})
enter_the_access_code: Enter the room's access code
enter_the_moderator_access_code: Enter the room's moderator code!
optional_moderator_access_code: "Optional Moderator Code:"
invalid_provider: You have entered an invalid url. Please check the url and try again.
invitation_description: You have been invited to join %{name} using BigBlueButton. To join, click the link above and enter your name.
invited: You have been invited to join
recording_present: I acknowledge that this session is going to be recorded. This may include my voice and video if enabled.
invite_participants: Invite Participants
join: Join
last_session: Last session on %{session}
login: Enter
owner: Owner
owner_banned: This room is currently unavailable
description: Enter the room url or the room id for the room you want to join.
edit_profile: Edit User Profile
go_to: Go to the Room
invalid_room_uid: The room url/uid you entered was invalid.
placeholder: Room url/uid
no_recent_rooms: You don't have any recently joined rooms
recent_rooms: Go To a Recently Joined Room
title: Join a Room
no_sessions: This room has no sessions, yet!
preupload_success: Successfully added presentation
preupload_error: There was an error updating the room presentation
preupload_remove_success: Successfully removed presentation
preupload_remove_error: There was an error removing the room presentation
recordings: Room Recordings
room_limit: You have reached the maximum number of rooms allowed
room_limit_exceeded: You have exceeded the number of rooms allowed. Please delete %{difference} room(s) to access this room.
sessions: Sessions
settings: Room Settings
share: Manage Access
shared_by: Shared by %{email}
remove_shared_access_success: Successfully removed shared room from your room list
remove_shared_access_error: There was an error removing the shared room from your list
shared_access_success: Room shared successfully
shared_access_error: There was an error sharing the room
start: Start
search: Search for room…
unavailable: This room is currently unavailable due to the owner's email not being verified.
update_settings_error: There was an error updating the room settings
update_settings_success: Room settings successfully updated
message: The meeting hasn't started yet.
auto: You will automatically join when the meeting starts.
fullname: Full Name
language: Language
provider: Provider
image: Image
image_url: Profile Image URL
roles: User Role
subtitle: Update your Account Info
title: Account Info
reset_password: Reset user password
button: Yes, I would like to delete my account.
disclaimer: If you choose to delete your account, it will <b>NOT</b> be recoverable. All information regarding your account, including settings, rooms, and recording will be removed.
subtitle: Permanently Delete your Account
title: Delete Account
confirmation: New Password Confirmation
new: New Password
old: Old Password
subtitle: Change your Password
title: Password
title: Profile
search: Search
password_confirm: Password Confirmation
subtitle: Create an Account
title: Sign up
with: Sign up with %{provider}
accept: I accept the %{href}
accept_existing: I accept the terms and conditions
title: Terms and Conditions
test_install: >
This deployment is using a pre-configured testing server, you should replace this with your own.
For details, see the %{href}.
update: Update
accept: Verify
activated: Account verified!
already_verified: Account has already been verified
invalid: Invalid verification link
not_verified: Your account has not been verified yet.
resend: Resend verification email
signin: Please sign in to access your account.
title: Verify your email
verification: Verification