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This program is intended to run behind the Apache mod_auth_mellon module. It receives ADFS user information from Apache over FastCGI, then passes it back to Keycloak (which is acting as a SAML SP).

Create a new keypair

openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout idp.key -x509 -out idp.crt -days 3680 -subj '/CN=SAML Passthrough/O=Computer Science Club'

Make sure to renew the cert in ten years.

Apache config

Add the following snippet to /etc/apache2/sites-real/csc (and make sure mod_proxy_fcgi is enabled):

<Location /keycloak/saml/ >
  SetHandler "proxy:unix:/run/saml-passthrough/server.sock|fcgi://localhost"
<Location /keycloak/saml/sso >
  AuthType Mellon
  MellonEnable auth
  Require valid-user