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Michael Spang 5ce11709ff Merge commit 'public/master' into ceod 2009-07-29 13:29:42 -04:00
Michael Spang ad30f9c47a Insanify configuration files 2009-07-29 13:08:53 -04:00
Michael Spang e210f7d38b Remove unused vars 2009-07-29 09:00:55 -04:00
Michael Gregson 4720fcd252 Added comments containing code to add new members to a mailing list using listadmin.
Left to do:
  - create mailing list
  - create and publish listadmin config file
  - update code to use listadmin config file
  - uncomment code
  - ponder implications of listadmin config file (security)
2009-06-17 20:33:42 -06:00
Michael Gregson c27529feaa Debugging 2009-01-15 18:34:23 -05:00
Nick Guenther 2890a04f71 Made configuring slightly saner (it's now called directly from main, instead of surprisingly via connect()) 2008-06-05 09:03:45 -04:00
David Bartley 181419ac7a Move mathsoc regex and exception userid's into config 2008-05-10 16:57:46 -04:00
David Bartley 8e4f11b47b Drop memberUid support; all groups use uniqueMember now 2008-04-01 21:30:58 -04:00
David Bartley 47531a0ec2 Implement expired account emails 2008-01-23 02:11:43 -05:00
David Bartley 9fc6e34b15 Add list_all and uid2dn; make list_* return {dn:...} instead of {uid:...} 2008-01-13 21:13:54 -05:00
Michael Spang 34b2aa1028 Add club representative support
The only difference between a club representative account and a member account
is how they are registered for terms.  If you are already a representative for
the current term, you need only go through the membership renewal process to
become a full fledged member.
2007-12-20 16:55:22 -05:00
Michael Spang 92513f4587 Allow init of MemberException with no arguments 2007-12-17 18:44:55 -05:00
David Bartley c22b6e91a3 Only allow 3 password attempts 2007-12-16 18:34:42 -05:00
David Bartley 40cf5ec2f3 Add password prompt 2007-12-16 18:06:09 -05:00
Michael Spang 9470a42998 Remove chfn and chsh and allow shell changes in the gui
The chsh and chfn programs were broken anyway.
2007-12-16 01:16:21 -05:00
Michael Spang b94a9fb5bc Fix list by term and list by name
The list comprehension was incorrect.
2007-12-15 16:07:02 -05:00
Michael Spang 36413de090 Better error handling in the gui 2007-12-14 02:09:18 -05:00
Michael Spang 9110a41969 Cleanup warnings: unused imports, etc 2007-12-14 00:46:09 -05:00
Michael Spang 217c9806f1 Use python-ldap directly in members
This leaves only utility functions in ldapi.
2007-12-14 00:46:09 -05:00
Michael Spang b8be0f8149 Reorganize namespace
There were too many packages with only a couple of modules
in them. It took minimum four tab completes to find an
interesting file. This halves that.
2007-12-13 23:34:16 -05:00