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Static Networking

Information for the MSO Intranet networking:

Addresses are assigned from these ranges:

IPv6: 2620:101:f000:4903::/64

Network gateways:

IPv4 Gateway: (NAT gateway)
	Add routes to campus: via via via

		Please do not send on-campus traffic through the NAT gateway.
		This may be blocked in the future.

IPv6 Gateway: 2620:101:f000:4903::1


Campus Firewall

All machines in the CSC cloud are behind the Campus Firewall. The Campus Firewall blocks all incoming traffic at the University border.

We will not accept requests for exceptions to the campus firewall. All inbound traffic originating from off-campus will be blocked.

OpenStack Security Groups

You can utilize OpenStack Security Groups to act as a firewall in front of your host.

More documentation about this will come at a later time.

Private Networking

See OpenStack Horizon Documentation for information about creating private networks.

Disabling Port Security

Disabling port security is required if you are running a router on your network (ie. traffic with source IPs different than your own).

This cannot be done for the MSO Intranet network, however can be done for private networks.

This can only be done via the OpenStack command line and the API: openstack port set --disable-port-security --no-security-group [portid]