Website for the Computer Science Club Cloud
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  • Beta: You must request and be granted access from the to use the Computer Science Club Cloud. Please include your CSC username when requesting access.

Accessing the Dashboard

  1. Go to Computer Science Club Cloud Dashboard
  2. Login with your Computer Science Club username and password

Creating a server

  1. On the Dashboard, open ProjectComputeInstances.
  2. Click Launch Instance
  3. Fill in instance details
    • Select a name
    • Choose csc-mc availability zone
  4. Click next. Select an image
  5. Click next. Choose a flavour
  6. Click next. Select a network
    • Select MSO Intranet (unless you are working with private networking, see the Advanced Network Guide)
  7. Click on Key Pair
    • If you have not already uploaded a SSH key pair, upload your public key
    • This step is important. Without a SSH key, you will not be able to access your VM.
  8. Click Launch Instance

If everything works correctly, your VM should be provisioned.

Accessing the server

The dashboard will show the IP addresses assigned to the VM. You can SSH using the corresponding SSH private key.

The default username is typically the name of the distribution (e.g., ubuntu for Ubuntu and debian for Debian).

You cannot connect to your VM from the internet. You must connect by SSH'ing from a CSC machine or by using on-campus ethernet, wireless or the Campus VPN.

You may wish to configure an account password (using passwd) to allow access via the console (see the next section).

Oh no! I broke SSH / Networking / etc.

You can access the console through the dashboard. View the instance details (by clicking its name) and then click on the Console tab.

The console may not accept keyboard / mouse input. If so, click on Click here to show only console to access the fullscreen view.


If possible, you should use as your mirror.

Web Hosting

As you may have noticed, you cannot access your VM from the internet. To allow access to your website, you have two options:

  1. Proxy through caffeine. See the CSC wiki for more information
  2. Configure on the CSC HAProxy load balancer. Contact with your domain name, username, instance IP addresses and ports (or DNS hostname). TLS certificates are currently only available for * domains (contact to register a [yourusername-blah] hostname).